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*Please note that this is NOT a paid review*This post has been on my “to-do-list” for quite some time now. We just had so much to get through in the box that it took me time to compile our finished crafts. Which one could say is a good thing:)

A personalised box of 8 fun, educational activities (+1 gorgeous book!) for kids aged 2 to 11, with a different theme every month, in English & Arabic!”

Jumana from The Happy Box kindly sent over this gigantic box of goodies for “princess Ruby” & “Little man Nate”. The kids were like animals ripping the box open and getting to the goods. Kind of like how I was yesterday at the Potter Barn Kids sale:) They loved all the glitter and sprinkles that emerged from the truly joyful box. One of their favourite moments was throwing the shredded paper which was placed on top to protect the packaging. Then it was time to get to the glitter tissue paper and reveal the goodies! This box is jam packed with wonderful crafts that my children thoroughly enjoyed making.
Let me take a minute to explain something related to this box! You know those beautiful and creative boards you pin and spend all those precious hours creating? Dreaming of the day you will sit side by side your tiny tot and get all artsy. Yep…now how long have they been there for? Bet you still have not got around to making them…Don’t be shy, admit it, you are possibly could be a victim here…I know I am! This box has all those eye catching activities you saw online but never have the time to gather all the materials to buy for them. You know, the ever so fun (not) treasure hunt around Dubai trying to find the supplies without any success…This box has it all and you don’t even have to get off your butt to find it!
Ruby, Nate & I tackled each craft one at a time. We even had some older neighborhood girls who came over and wanted to join in. They told me how much fun the crafts were and if they could stay for more! Of course they could! What a lovely thing to hear from this future generation.
My biggest observation, besides the fact of how big the box is! Nearly each craft had enough material to make more than 2 provided for. I was even able to keep extra leftover materials for future crafting days.
Each individual craft comes nicely packaged and organized. You get a detailed instruction sheet with pictures to follow alongside. Wonderful for me, I am awful at instructions:) We were able to make each craft without a huff or puff from Mom.
    1. We started off with the homemade play doh recipe. VERY easy. However, this one was probably my least favourite as it was very sticky and the color seemed to leave residue on our hands. It did smell delicious though! On a plus, my kids really liked playing with it so I guess that is all that matters!



  • The heart crayon activity was a cinch and I had tons of hands volunteering to help peel the paper off of the crayons and break them. This was a winner amongst the little’s. As well as for me:)




  • The hand art hearts were another major hit. We were able to make 4 sets of prints and still have enough paint to make another 4! It was a really simple and fun process




  • I was completely surprised at how well my 4 year old was able to thread her string through the flower shaped foam paper. Decorating her finished piece with the beautiful glitter hearts really had her in high spirits. She loves making these type of crafts!




  • Ruby’s older friends helped decorate the music shaker with her, each girl cut out heart shapes and we came up with silly actions for them. Once everyone was finished, I had them stand in a circle, I turned my back to them as I shook the shaker and they had to run in a clockwise circle. When I stopped shaking, they had to stop where they were and turn over the paper heart with it’s action. We giggled so much as one shouted really loud, another ran down the street, one had to sing, another to dance…




  • We then finished off our afternoon with this very simple, yet very engaging piece. I could not get rid of the neighborhood girls at this stage. They were hooked and were excited to see their finished group work of art. I helped them cut out the letters for “Love”. I gave each one a tiny sponge (which was provided) along with water color paints and brushes (also provided) and they each got away dabbing at the letters. The end result was a colorful collaboration and was tricky to decided who got to keep it. Of course the older girls offered it to Ruby and we now have it displayed in our kitchen.
  • One more activity that is my prize piece for Ruby. Similar to the Love craft, Ruby held a foam heart cutout over a blank piece of paper and created a stunning colorful masterpiece. She is so creative with her colors. She drew her best friend in the center, explaining the heart was for how much she loves her:) Awww



  • How can I forget all the extra bits and bobs that we discovered in our happy box…heart shaped straws, heart plates, stickers, a book, I am sure I am missing more!




I am really thinking to order another few month’s of boxes for Ruby & Nate. I had such a memorable time sitting beside them crafting, laughing, helping, praising and hugging them each step of the way. Another fab idea is to gift this to another child using the gift certificate option.

Below you can see the breakdown of pricing options to order from:


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