Review: Unique Shopping Experience @ Sacoor Kids

Shopping has always been one of my favourite things to do! What woman doesn’t love it (sorry if you don’t!). Once I had kids, my game plan kind of changed and all my shopping trips were catered to buying for my children. Everything is about them! I would love to spend a day shopping on all for myself and by myself but for whatever reason (being a Mom) I prefer to spoil them. Unfortunately…shopping with my kids in tow is often a nightmare waiting to happen. One runs there, the other over there and I am constantly in a state of MJ eyes from thriller checking where they are. Not fun! When I received a private invite to have a tour around the Sacoor Kids store in Mirdif City Center I said “sure why not!”. They told me they had some nice things to keep the kids busy at their shop. Truthfully, I was a bit skeptical!

“It is never too early to make the right impression. From suits to hats, from blazers to handbags, each offering from Sacoor Kids’ store has the promise of high quality and classic elegance for kids from 2 to 12 years old.”

Nate was in a state of grouchiness as we walked up to the beautiful store front. I thought to myself…great! As I stepped foot onto the large stripey carpet, Ruby in one hand, Nate in the other I had a sudden feeling I was whisked away to the Hampton’s. The staff were so sharp looking with their well groomed looks and perfectly clean and sleek suits. Talk about feeling like a celeb! We were given a short tour around the store and then directed to the fitting room where I started to snap some pictures. My oh my, I have NEVER been in a fitting room such as the one in Sacoor kids. Beach front view with tons of pretty books and toys to keep my two occupied while I pulled different outfits over their heads (something they usually despise). They did not have a care in the world, they were so happy to be where they were.

When I found out that the staff are trained nannies to allow parents to shop at their own leisure, I just about flipped a lid. This place=genius! Oh! And did you know that the brand ambassador is the ultra hot Cristiano Ronaldo? Not that it was necessary for me to point that out…but, well he is good looking:)


Ruby was quick to grab a little vintage looking dress off the shelf and say “I will have this one”…with me in the back snickering on her confident pick (I knew she was going to choose that dress). I whispered “size 4-5”. Ruby was on a roll. This kid is trapped in a body of someone from the 50’s-60’s. She just loves anything retro or vintage looking! I love it!
We then browsed the polo tops and my draw dropped as I went gaga over the fresh pink blazer (why didn’t she ask for that one!). The clothes are absolutely perfect for any child’s wardrobe. Versatile, classic, sharp, nice quality, pretty colors, preppy, can be dressed up or down…I can keep listing more if you want?
As I continued my shopping trip around the Hampton’s villa  one of the pretty sales girls took my kids to a photo booth. Can you imagine? A proper photo booth that shot out pictures displayed in cardboard striped frames. Ruby & Nate managed to make a collection of close to half a dozen!
When they were finished with that activity, they ventured off to the open play tent to build Lego. I continued to shop and got stuck at the embroidery machine wondering what they had it in the shop for…You can pick any polo or garment of clothing and have it personalized. You can add patches and make it totally customized for that special someone. Well when Ruby heard that with her little ears, she was up like a dash of lightening bringing over her red dress to have it personalized with her name. She also wanted a few patches on it, but we all tried to gently convince her that it would ruin the look of her dress. Additionally, she chose a pretty pale pink sleeveless polo adorned in colorful flower motifs. On the polo she was able to put a couple of patches on it! Everyone was happy! Throw in a pair of Ruby red loafers with gold lacing and the kid was in 7th heaven (so was I).
Time for a coffee, the lady offered me a drink from their refreshment area. Nespresso no less! Top of the line water and juices for the kids, and for those really good little kiddies, some Jelly Belly candies:)
The selection of clothing for boys was outstanding. I am going to say one of the best variety I have come across in Dubai. Especially if you are looking for that certain kind of look. Suits, casual, polo’s, outdoorsy. They had it all! I must mention too that considering everything that they have to offer in store, along with the quality of product, the price is really not that over the top! #winning!
 Nate picked out a red polo and I asked them to put his name across the back of the shirt. A Portuguese sales lady who REALLY knows her stuff (all the staff do) was so incredibly helpful. She has a real eye for taste and style and I felt comfortable to give her complete freehold to choose whatever she wanted for my kids. She came out with a stack of options that she thought would look good on Nate. She showed me mixed and matched styles. I asked her what her favourite combo for Nate was and I without any questions took the long sleeve jean shirt. She showed me a few colors of shorts and I fell in love with the green pair for him. The complimentary belt was an added bonus. However, when we tried it on at home it was far too big for him. 
Ahhh just looking and reminiscing over the photos taken at this store are making my heart palpitate. The Italian leather, handmade loafers in a rainbow of colors. Ahhhh I want them all (for the kids of course). The dresses, the airy blouses for Ruby..the jackets, sweaters, polo’s and suits for Nate…
While we waited for the items of clothing that were being embroidered (did not take long) the kids were watching the machine like hawks. One by one we were handed our prized possessions. Not one mistake, truly made to perfection. These people take their job seriously and get a job done correctly!
As the girls prepared my items at the cash to be checked out they showed Ruby and Nate to their own personal waiting chairs. Ipads at the checkout to keep the kids busy. Unbelievable!  
Just as I thought the store could not outdo themselves any more…the blonde, curly haired Portuguese girl (I can’t believe I forgot her name) came around the checkout with our Sacoor bags and two presents for the kids. They do this for every customer FYI! A blue snap bracelet for Nate and a pink one for Ruby. The details put into this store and the girls they have chosen to work for them is beyond superb. Amazing, amazing experience all around (clothing, activities for kids, fitting room, service).
Check out Sacoor Kids here–>
Ruby & Nate modeling the latest collection with their own personalized twist. The embroidering can be done on the spot at the store within a few minutes.

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