Review: Little Tikes Gear Works

*This is NOT a paid post. I am simply sharing my own thoughts on a great toy*
I have reached a point where I want to have a gigantic spring clear-out. Get rid of all those toys the kids threw themselves on the floor for at Toys R Us. Pleading and begging, screaming and crying, making me look like a complete moron. Mommy/Daddy or Grandma/Grandpa always somehow cave and get suckered into opening their wallet(s). Ironically those toys are buried at the bottom of their toy bin and were only a thrill which lasted a few hours!
This toy however, is one that I will make an exception for. Nate has been playing steadily with Gear Works for a few weeks now. It is his go-to morning toy he likes to construct and build time and time again. His best friend next door to us, coincidentally named Nathan also likes playing with this toy whenever he is over. The spinning Gear Works comes with 5 dinosaur gears and 2 regular gears.

It is a really nice toy to build on fine motor skills. Sometimes I peer over at Nate and I can see him concentrating so hard on how to connect the various points to make the gears turn. Albeit the age recommendation says 3+ at 2 years of age Nate is fully capable of playing with it. I have always been a big fan of Little Tikes toys due to their durability. They build quality toys that last and can be passed on from one child to the next no matter the gender. In one of the photos you can even see Ruby dressed in her nightie in the early AM playing with Nate!

This toy is really simple.  There is a center piece which is the volcano. When you press down on the orange “lava” it starts making music and the base spins. The aim is to create a channel of moving gears which are connected to the lava base.  This is a great toy for Nate as he loves to build and create things. Plus side for me=no messJ It is not easy to get all the pieces to move at the same time which makes it a thought processing toy.

This toy is often on hand when I need to down a cold (preferably hot) cup of coffee or get some work done on my blog!

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