My Post Vacation Post

I feel as if I have been gone for far too long and neglected my 3rd child…my blog!
I am back and ready for some action on this space before summer hits us with some 45C weather!
Here is a little rundown of a little who/what/where/when from the past few weeks I have been MIA.
We took Nate & Ruby to Tokyo, Japan for nearly 1 week. I needed about another 2 weeks for shopping. I cried and whined like a baby the day we had to go back. I wanted just ONE more day in Harajuku to get some crazy shoes and one stop at Sanrio World in Ginza for a blinged out Hello Kitty bag. My husband got all snappy that I was being selfish and how rude it would be to leave the kids with him while I went shopping. Arghhh! The city was amazing! Disneyland & Disney Sea on the other hand…NOT so great! I will be sharing our disappointing visit very soon with you. So if you were thinking of taking your kids for a nice family vacay, I would seriously double think it (sorry to break the news).
 Rain, rain go away! Come back another day!
 My fav…grean tea ice cream! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
 I finally made it to Sanrioworld!! A dream come true! A lifetime of waiting!
 My Melody…Sanrioworld
Puroland (a must if you are a Sanrio fan)
 I LOVED the photobooths in Tokyo! I could not resist!
We are now back, Ruby is getting settled into her school routine (although I secretly kept her home yesterday to enjoy some time with her Oma before she left back to Vienna). I feel like such a trouble maker when I hide these things from my husband. I remember as a kid, my mom would often let me stay home with her and I loved that time we spent. All he sees is wasted dollar signs! $$
I am sick with a cold, pretty sure the kids are too. I knew I was going to get one…it was 3 degrees in Tokyo one of the days…yikes! AND rain AND hail. We were dressed for Dubai weather, it was brutally cold, bone chilling to be exact.
Since being back (and tackling 10 loads of laundry-for real) I had the pleasure of being featured on {Pearl FM}. The region’s first family radio station. I won’t lie, people I was NERVOUS. It was my first time sitting at a chair in a radio studio speaking into the microphone. GULP! It was like everything I would so naturally express got caught in my throat and I was a real scaredy pants. GRR makes me crazy. As I drove home listening to myself talk on 102FM I had a million other ideas and things I wanted to say INSTEAD of what was coming out of my mouth on air. I guess it’s normal…practice makes perfect. Hopefully I get to have one more shot of fame one day:)
Here I am with Chris Birks, Dr. Medhat (from MyPediaClinci) & Jeff Price the founder of Pearl:
Which is our best side:)
I am addicted to Pearl, the kids are loving the station. Especially between 10am-11am with all the nursery rhymes that are played. I heard snippets from Peter Pan “we can fly, we can fly” (thank goodness you can’t hear me singing!!!) & a little “Bibbity Bobity Boo”. Makes my long haul car journeys that much more fun! I also don’t have to get all paranoid about lyrics I don’t particularly want my kids repeating or hearing. Everything is family and kid friendly! The radio presenters (Chris Birks, Jeff Price, Bunny & Annah) are often playing some good oldies from my teenage days and more variety than your usual stations. Me likey!
I can’t forget to mention…I had no idea Pearl was located inside the fantastic new {Al Jalila Cultural Center for Children}. You really need to check it out. It is one of the most beautiful spots in Dubai to get all artsy and imaginative with your little ones. They offer a handful of lessons like: pottery, silk screen printing, painting, music, kung fu and MUCH MORE. It is a truly amazing hidden gem. I would die to sign up Ruby for pottery but we just live too far away grrr. It is located on Al Wasl Road in Umm Suqueim 3. Go and peep it!
I can’t let things go (drives my family crazy….) I may have been a bit of a clutz on air because…perhaps it is my emotions getting the best of me (which is lately) making me all sappy and sad. I have no idea why either! A certain someone didn’t say anything to me the day I told him I would be going on the radio, or better yet…the morning I left in my car to drive down to the station. A little “good luck” or “I am proud of you” would have made me beam with joy. Nope, none of that. Sometimes marriage is a real work, especially when the one person you want to be puking rainbows and hearts all over you, doesn’t seem to flinch at any accomplishment you make. Yep, I am baring it all folks. I know we all go through ups and downs in our perfect Barbie & Ken marriage (yeah right). Don’t worry, I am right there along with you:) I haven’t had the chance to let go of all my gossip and feelings with my bestest gal pal recently, so you are the closest thing to it:) Hope you don’t mind!
As I fold and put away piles and heaps of our clothes, new goodies from Japan, shake off a cold and get back into normal Mommy routine… I will be posting just like before…sooner than you know it!!

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