My #BonpointFavourites

ooh la la! Thank you for sharing my #BonpointFavourites #Boutique1
What do you think of these pieces? So chic, clean and sophisticated. How I would love to dress them up in these outfits this summer on our annual trip to Vienna. I can just picture them walking into old 1876 Hotel Sacher hand in hand. Cute and classy:) Ruby in her sunshine yellow, touch of vintage dress and blonde locks. Nate would be wearing the turquoise/green polo with shorts, blazer and navy lace up leather shoes.They would probably each order a slice of fresh Sacher Torte and possibly (most likely) ice cream. We would sit around one of the tiny tables giggling and smiling, trying to keep the noise levels down. The posh, upper class folks of the town would sit quietly reading their newspapers and chatting softly with their companion; occasionally glancing over to smile at the children and give me a glare, like “you had better continue to keep your rascals under control”. I  would enjoy a melange coffee (their famous coffee) without a care in the world and be as happy as could be with my two little stylish angels in the lap of luxury.  #BringonsummerAnd yes we will SO be doing my fantasy tale mentioned above this summer:)

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What are you dreaming of this summer?

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