Product Demonstration for Vorwerk Kobold Vacuum Cleaner

It is World Ashtma Day in just a few days (May 5, 2015). Did you know that more children in UAE are suffering from Asthma than ever before? Why? Poor air quality: sandstorms, dust, pollen, dust mites, animal dander and spores which can all be found inside your home.

To control Asthma and aid getting rid of it, I have found the perfect tool which I am really excited to tell you about!

Be astounded, be amazed, be bamboozled by the performing… Kobold Vacuum Cleaner. Sorry I couldn’t help quoting a line from one of my favourite books Ruby and I read “Who Wants to be a Poodle” by Lauren Child. It’s the first thing that came to my mind after seeing a demo of the Kobold this past week at an intimate breakfast hosted by {4WORK}.

 Just when I thought:
A) I have enough cleaning tools
B) Can’t find anything else to clean my house to perfection…
I sat front row at the Fairmont with my jaw hanging as I watched this Kobold beauty work some serious magic tricks! I have NEVER seen anything like it on the market. I am not trying to brainwash you into buying one by ANY means. I am just all A.D.D and hyper to share this phenomenon that is sweeping into homes across Europe at record numbers. I can fully understand why now too! 

I am a real choosy one when it comes to what products I use to get the job done. I usually get a cleaner to come in once a week and in between I do spot cleaning. There is only so much work Cinder-Mamma can get done in 24 hours. Being OCD and having the feeling that my house is never “clean enough” I can certainly say that this beauty will take care of ALL my needs. “Kobold cleaners are designed and made in Germany. They provide a one stop solution to rid your house of dirt, sand, dust mites and pet hair in the trickiest of places! Since its invention in 1930, over 80 million Kobolds have been sold worldwide!”

The attendees and I between demo breaks asked one another what machines we have at home. I quickly rambled on how I have been through nearly 1 machine per year since having Ruby. The motors are always breaking (yes that also means my kids make a terrible mess). I am sure it has something to do with the sand. Secondly the filters start to emit horrible smells and the air starts blowing dust particles out the other end. I am so fed up finding the right fit for my home…The neat thing I learnt about the Kobold is that the air which it exhausts is only filtered clean air!
Gerlinde, the CEO of {4WORK} who are the distributors for Vorwerk Kobold vacuum cleaners, covered every particle of her knowledge on cleanliness. I was so happy when she informed us that the Kobold has a warranty of 5 years and has a MINIMUM life expectancy of 13 years. Unheard of in this region. Not only that, they come to your home to do a free demo and teach you how to work your machine. Now that is what I call quality service. Of course the machine is not “cheap” but I have certainly learnt over the years, you get what you pay for. Not only are you buying a quality machine but you are also investing in a company who cares about your needs. Gerlinde assured me that if anything was to go wrong with the machine they would have it up and running the same day if not the following day. Do you have any idea how long I had to wait for my recent Bissell purchase to be fixed? AGES. I had it for a mere 3 months and the motor blew and then a part went missing and after almost half a year I finally received it last week. The thing is a beast and it sounds like an angry monster, every so often the filters drops out and I have to keep bending down to push it back in.
Here we have my little Natey with Gerlinde. Love at first sight…with his new Vacuum:) It is SO light (3KG) that he can vacuum with one hand. He is using the Kobold with the ballerina attachment. You can see all the extra accessories you can invest in on the top left hand corner. The ballerina has a swivel and turns like a true dancer. I love that you can suction it to the floor boards where there is always little dust mites hiding. It is so incredibly easy to manover…the cord is 10 meters long…everything about it is stunning. Oh! And it is SUPER quiet!
The Kobold System Power Unit and its clever attachments can:
-Deep clean carpets, rugs and mattresses
-Has a 3 in 1 integrated HEPA filter insuring 99.9% of allergy substances are caught
-All hard floor surfaces including ceramic tiles and parquet are vacuumed and mopped at the same time
-Can remove pet hair from upholstery
-Windows can be cleaned without water
-50% more efficient than other vacuum cleaners
Here is Carolin showing off the 85 year old Vorwek vacuum cleaner. Just like the sign says…YES it still works! How crazy is that! Those German’s sure can make quality products! Gerlinde holds up an old poster that was used in the past for the machine.
Gerlinde starting the demo. She explains the quality of their vacuum bags and the Kobold filter bags which trap large, small and microscopic particles that are known to trigger asthma and allergies. Using the attachment for carpets, rugs & mattresses, she does a quick sweep of the carpet and pulls up a TON of dirt from a very SMALL area of the swank hotel.
 Gerlinde later shows us the dry powder concoction from Vorwerk. It can remove ink stains. She had pen on her hand, rubbed it with the powder and voila it was gone! Below you will see two white cylinders. No they are not feminine products (common’ don’t they look a bit like tampons). These are actually used to beat upholstered furniture, mattresses and carpets to get rid of dust and allergens and whatever other creature is growing in there..ewww! Followed by the “beating”, on go the green rollers and a good sweep across the household item and it will pull up even more dirt than the picture above! Unbelievable what we have growing in our furniture and mattresses…OH and carpets! This machine is so powerful you don’t need to have anyone come and clean your carpets or mattresses anymore! You can do it by yourself (or if you are lucky, your maid can do it for you!).
 Here we have one of my favourite items…the floor cleaner. It is used for hard floors, tiles, parquet and laminate. It only needs a TINY splash of the non-toxic, allergen free & bio-degradable solution sold by the company (1 litre lasts over 1/2 a year). She simply added 60 ML of water and the machine started to vibrate over the wooden flooring vacuuming and cleaning all at once and lifting all the sand and dirt from those tiny cracks in the floor that are not sealed. Love that it can do two things at once:)
HOLD it…before I share this next MUST HAVE item on my wish list (I am starting to run out of space on it haha). All I could think of was:

ROSIE the robot from the Jetsons!

Then I thought if only they could invent this…
And of course THIS!
On the far bottom left is a ROBOT. This cordless machine does all the spot cleaning for you without you even lifting a single dainty finger. It can collect all sorts of mess off your floor like big chunks of peanuts, crumbs, you name it! Once it runs out of battery it drives itself back to the docking station, recharges and continues cleaning. You can even program it to clean at a specific time of day that you want:) I need one!!!!!  
Another great feature of the Kobold vacuum machine (not talking about the Robot anymore)…you can even throw the vacuum over your shoulder like a guitar!
On the right you see Carolin holding something against the wall…that is actually an attachment for all the handyman in our life. You hold it in the place you are planning to drill. It suctions itself onto the wall, you drill and it collects all the dirt! No mess!
If you care about your families health and clean air, then think about having the girls over to your home for a free demo. Visit the site below and book yourself in. You won’t regret it, it is life changing!
Tel : +971 4 880 0268 | Email:
Who knew I could cover an entire page of my blog talking about a cleaning machine…

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