Review and Interview: Smitten Boutique @ Dubai Marina Mall

It has been nearly two years since I have stepped foot inside Dubai Marina Mall. Boy have things changed! What a lovely, airy, calm and modern space to shop. While strolling through the mall (something I rather enjoying doing) I stepped foot into one of Dubai’s very own homegrown specialty boutique’s. {Smitten Boutique}. Truth be told I had not really heard of the store previously. Possibly a friend mentioned it, or maybe I saw a post on Facebook? Regardless, I was looking forward to checking out the boutique and all of their offerings for tiny tots AND us mom’s!

I was immediately caught staring at the shoes! Of course! I have a thing for kids shoes, if only my collection looked as good as Ruby’s! They carry PediPed and many other lovely shoe brands which are hard to find in this region. {Smitten} has exclusively gained the rights to sell Atlanta which are leather moccasins from Portugal. Really beautifully made might I add! Most of the shoe selection comes flown in handcrafted from the likes of Italy, Spain & Portugal.The new Missouri sandals are to die for. I spotted a few really sweet pairs of black schools shoes with the concept of having kids wear them from school to the playground. I like how the owner is very practical in thinking! That put me in a good mood. 

I was then in awe over the unique hair accessories from both {Magics} and {Baby Wisp} for babies with barely any hair (would have been great for Ruby when she was tiny little baby). And the grand finale…all the personally picked garments from the brainchild of {Smitten}, Roshni. Yes that is right, she literally is the one handpicking each and every item that is sold in her store. She travels the world to find the perfect pieces suitable for Smitten. You can really feel that personal touch when you enter her store.

Roshni loves supporting local talent. She carries many brands that have started up in the region. I spotted stationary cards from {Queen B}, handmade tutu outfits, {Frangipani} with their chillout sleepwear (AND stylish swim cover ups), gorgeous clips and headbands from {Magics Accessories} and many, many,  more. I particularly am a huge fan of {Lil Poppets} (the peach sheer top with gold glitter shorts) which comes from a Mom who makes them in India. Then there is the big brand names from USA like {Sierra Julian} with the most adorable shirts for boys. {Tooby Doo} from New York with a great range of denim, and my all time fav {Biscotti & Kate Mack} with her angelic and soft prints.

40% of the store is stocked with maternity wear. First of all, why could I never find some of the items Roshni carries when I was pregnant…denim shorts with stretchy waist bands…and exclusive brands that only Smitten has the rights to carry! The selection of shorts is extent (for when it comes time to finding maternity shorts in UAE) you can buy hot pants, to short-shorts to culottes.The maternity selection is really great. You can find nice, soft organic bamboo dresses which can be worn from pregnancy through to post baby (nursing). Smitten is the only place selling {Ripe Maternity} from Australia. The fabric was heavenly, especially when your stomach is stretching, your bottom is growing and you feel like exploding! Another fantastic brand is Jules & Jim.

A little casual Q&A session:

Since Roshni was in store, I took a few minutes of her time to ask the super cool, funky Mamma a few questions (she had a very unusual henna design on her hand, hip tattoos and a killer pair of earrings on). The first thing that popped in my head after looking at all the unique clothing she carries was…how does she know what to buy and look for? She told me that she pictures her own children wearing the item. Additionally she makes sure there is a tiny element of a Middle Eastern flavour with a hint of bling. Love it! Oh and another important decision maker for Roshni is that the clothing must be comfortable for kids to wear, that is a real must!

I then wanted to know what was something that people in this region like buying for their little ones? She explained how she can never keep up with the demand of matching outfits for children with siblings. Ie. for the brother and sister to match, or younger and older sister.

Trending? thanks to the Kardashian clan, mini me fashion sense is very “in”. Essentially, Mom’s want to dress their kids like little replica’s of themselves. As for maternity: prints, Ikat, and wrap dresses!

If her kids were to describe her what would they say about her? busy, always on the go! Meetings, meetings and meetings and the gym!

What makes her happy and tick? A full day of being completely productive within a span of 14 hours. I can’t forget to mention her workout (either in AM or PM).

What is her dream for Smitten? She would like to open 3-4 more stores within the GCC

If she was stranded on a desert island with her kids what 3 items would she bring?


-Another jar of Nutella!


And if she was stranded alone without the kids?



-running shoes

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