We Love…

Ruby & I are in love with her new Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair Dolls (Cinder Slippers & Confetti Carnival). They seem very much inspired by Japanese motifs and a little on the Harajuku side, especially with their funky dresses (which we adore). These two dollies made our flight over to Vienna very fun. They each come with a mix of yarn/bendy hair, which I was even able to help teach Ruby how to braid with.

With the unique texture of hair they have you can actually style it any which way you like. The hair can be curled, twisted, straightened, bent, lengthened, colored, painted with glitter and accesorized!

Cinder Slippers & Confetti Carnival are super sweet, colorful & innocent! Really refreshing to see on the market in this day and age. They do not make me feel like a bad parent when I let Ruby play with them (like some other dolls out there which I am sure you can figure out which ones I am talking about). 

You can find your very own crazy hair doll at 

(The Toy Store) retailing for 150 AED (ToysRus UAE)

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