It’s All About the Paper!

I am obsessed with contact paper! The kids have spent hours having craft time with it and I can’t even complain that they are making a mess. It is genius!

You can buy contact paper (clear one sided sticky paper) in rolls or A4 size sheets. I personally like the A4 size as it is easy to peel and hang.IMGP0497

I found TONS of ideas on Pinterest of how we could use the paper. We ended up doing our own thing. First I scrambled through the craft drawer at my Moms. We used a variety of feathers, beads, sequins, foam shapes and twine. Ruby had the idea of dressing up a “dolly” and stuck hair on her and made her an outfit out of feathers. Nate decorated his sheep with beads. They also did a random sheet each where they stuck their favorite colors and shapes to it.

The crowd pleaser was our nature walk inspired window art. The kids collected flowers, leaves and outdoor treasure to decorate their paper. They are beautiful and are drying so nicely on the window. I think I will laminate them and bring them back to the desert to add a bit of nature and greenery to our home and windows! The kids loved it and it cost us a whopping $2.99 for a pack of 10 sheets (that is the equivalent of about 10 dirham).

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