Random Things I miss When Away From UAE…

I never, ever thought I would be talking about such a silly thing! Do you know what I am missing this summer on my travels?

1) The handheld hose from the bathrooms & bidets in Dubai.


It comes in great use for:

  • The kids when baby wipes are not in arms reach
  • When the kids get their shoes all mucky and you do not want to shamefully wash them in a hand sink for the public to see
  • Cleaning baby potty’s at home
  • Ruby & Nate’s very own perfect height sink to wash their hands in (I keep their hand soap there too)

And that would be about it! Just thought it was funny how something that seems so unpractical back in UAE, would actually come in real good use in North America!

One thing I do not miss…is my patience and nerves being set off by the kids having water fights in the bathroom with the hose though!

What else does this Canadian Mamma miss from Dubai?


2) Clean and pretty child changing facilities ie. The Dubai Mall!

Shout out to thirdculturefamily.com for borrowing her pic!

Shout out to http://www.thirdculturefamily.com for borrowing her pic!


3) Cheap petrol pricesdubai-fuel-price


4) Door-to-door delivery from the supermarket for ridiculous things like one bottle of juice or milk&MaxW=640&imageVersion=default&AR-140529579


5) The beach & 5* hotel poolside service!10155013_10151963589106386_7374158324990154559_n


6) Stylist Arabia! LOVE this mag and can you imagine it is FREE?11144093_416824368520310_8694993308320939934_o


7) Sweet organic cucumbers from Ripe ME!Ripe-Market-2


8) The powerful AC units EVERYWHERE in UAE! Trust me, I suffered while in Austria. It spiked to over 35C with no cold air units in sight!dubai-ac-saving-cost


9) The ease of having someone come to your home to pamper your hands and feet!Classic-Polish-Change


10) 5 dirham Shawarma’s!2013_shawarmama_1_gallery



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