Top 5 Tips To Get You Ready For Back To School!

Ladies…it’s that time of year to start thinking about back to school. Summer is drawing to an end and soon our tiny tots will be back in class.

This commercial kinda sorta makes me laugh:) They play it back home in Canada each year!

Here are my Top 5 Tips to get you back and ready for school!

  1. Start getting the kids back to bed at a normal time (before 8pm in my books). Do it now as it may take a few weeks to adjust.
  2. Beat the uniform rush and make sure you have everything your school requires on their check list. Socks, black shoes, gym shoes, indoor shoes, new underpants, undershirts, perhaps a new lunch bag or school bag? I love labels from {Essmak} for keeping things organized.
  3. Schedule a haircut so they look sharp on their first day back!
  4. Make an appointment for an annual checkup with your pediatrician. Dr. Medhat is our go-to-guy @MyPediaClinic. He can also test your child’s eyes and get them up to speed on vaccines if need be.
  5. Do one last memorable thing this summer and make it special for your kids. Let them know you love them and are sad they are heading back to school but also remind them of the fun they will have this new school year. New friends to be made and a year full of opportunities to learn and grow. Talk about all the fun things you did this past summer. You can even do this on your shopping trip for school supplies.





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