Jet Lag…Changed my Life!

It has been almost one week since the kids and I touched down in UAE from our summer holidays in Canada. During this time our sleeping schedule has been totally bonkers.The other night they woke up at 11pm. Which meant they stayed up until 5am…then went back to bed and woke up at 7:30am. Let’s just say I have had MANY sleepless nights.

What does one possibly do awake in the middle of the night? Lots and lots of thinking my friend!

One of my dear neighbors has been collecting unwanted goods to host a garage sale to raise funds for her stray animal charity. Room by room I have been organizing and figuring out what we “really need to keep” so I can give her as much as I can to help out. During this time I have come to realize that my children and I have everything and anything we could ever dream and wish for. It’s to the point now that I feel sick; like a glutton for buying and collecting things my entire life. I want to pack up a few belongings and live in a hut somewhere on an island. Okay no, that would be taking it too far. But I won’t deny that it has crossed my mind!

What I have done…is made a pretty big promise to myself. I decided to share my secret with my husband last night. His look was priceless. I told him I would not be buying one single thing for myself or the kids for the next 12 months. We seriously do not need ANYTHING. The only thing I will be purchasing is food. That’s it! No more shopping for “stuff”! With the tiniest exception for the kid’s at Christmas and their birthday’s but nothing elaborate like before. One small meaningful gift. Just like that! Not because I am trying to save money or we can’t afford to buy “stuff”, but because we all really don’t need more “stuff”!

Driving home two nights ago, I was listening to Dubai Eye 103.8fm where they had Sara Brook on their show. She is a 25 year old expat packing up and making Malawi her new home in two weeks’ time. She has set up an orphanage {} where 150 children aged 0-6 year’s call her Mommy. What am I doing with my life to help others? It made me emotional and want to dig deeper in my thoughts as to how I can give back.

As I sorted through the cupboards in the kitchen during another one of my middle of the night slumber parties with the kids, I almost cried. How much does one person really need to survive? All the packaged food items we consume, creating bags of garbage on a daily basis. These things are just piling up and making mountains of garbage in landfills. I then stumbled on {this article} about how some don’t even have drinking water, and there I am washing my hands under the tap as the water flows steadily.

I don’t know what I am trying to get at with this post. Maybe the message I am trying to convey, is that it is time for everyone to start looking at what they have. Realize how truly lucky we are. You hear that expression often and it’s kind of an eye roller. But seriously, LOOK at your things. We have enough of what we need; now it’s time to start giving to other’s that do not have what we have. I rummaged through my one and only drawer in the kitchen where this and that gets thrown in. I kid you not 50 pens were counted (I don’t think any were purchased, probably from hotel stays) But some people can’t even afford ONE. {Look at this heartbreaking article} Luckily there was a happy ending for him!

I feel like living in Dubai made me a bit of a hoarder and shopping junky. I want, want and want all the time. Nothing never seems to be enough. You go to the mall and see things that make your heart swoon and people watch as women of all ages strut around dressed to the nines. Well NOW it is enough for me!

And then…I get a strange message from my husband telling me to look at today’s newspaper. So I open my front door at the crack of dawn to see the cover of the Gulf News laying at my feet. Capture

#KiyiyaVuranInsanlik (just google that hashtag and you will see it everywhere). No words can describe the feeling it provoked in my heart. People are dying left and right of us around the world. Innocent little children such as this refugee boy. Why can’t we do MORE to help? It’s time we all become more selfless and do good unto others.

If you want to help refugees such as the little boy who passed away, then click this link to read about various charities you can contribute to. or why not help one of our local charities such as Sara’s of Sparkle Malawi orphanage or UAQSAW

Think about it…we can live with MUCH less than what we have. We have all become so engulfed into wanting to the live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Why? When we leave this planet one day what do you want to be remembered by? Do you think people will really care about your closet and all the knick-knacks and designer handbags you compiled over the years? Instead of buying, HELP others. It will feel so much better.

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