Back To School Shopping List

Yesterday was Ruby’s first day back at school! She started FS2 (KG2). It has all been a bit of a bittersweet journey leading up to this day. As I bid farewell to my little lady, I tucked myself into a corner and peaked into the classroom window without her seeing me. She was so quick to say goodbye. She ran off to see her peers, some she knew and others that were new. That’s…it my baby is growing up…I was ready to start walking back to my car as her TA quickly came out to hand me a paper. Things I need to add to her shopping school list. Ugh! I thought I was all done and dusted with that already!

CRINGE. I thought the uniform was enough as it were. Over 150 AED for a blouse! You know how dirty they get too…we are all in the same boat when it comes to uni clothing and the whopping price tag of getting your child fitted for the year. Needless to say, finding out I need to get her more items made me, well…just read my last post. I didn’t intend of having to shop for the remainder of this year. But what I am to do when she needs things from her school list… unnamed

So I technically won’t say I have broken my promise because it was a mandatory.Thankfully I opened my email today to see this great selection of images from Sun & Sand Sports! Perfect timing! I know exactly where I need to go! In and out to get my goods! Perfect! Swimming cap, check! Oh and it must be PINK my little lady shouted as I left with my list! Swimming goggles, check! Pink again, got it! And how could I forget…she certainly cannot go to PE wearing her pink and silver glittery Lelli Kelly shoes! Silly me! These pure white Adidas for kids are nice and fresh looking for the school requirements of white shoes.They have everything you need for back to school. Girl or boy. Even for Mom & Dad.image005

The yoga/running style leggings would be so nice in the morning with the nike trainers…which reminds me that I really can’t wait until it cools down so I can start biking again, and going for nice long walks with my kids! Have any of you tried the Fitbit bracelets? I keep hearing about them, but feel so out of the loop when it comes to gadgets. Talk to me about kids gadgets and I’m all ears, but I just don’t have time to research for myself. I did end up having a browse, curiosity finally killed me, and totally would love to get one… it tracks how much you sleep + quality, how many steps you take, burned calories…pretty amazing!unnamed.jpg2

Anyway, just thought I would save you a trip and headache incase you are also searching for last minute back to school gear. Hope your kiddies are all settled in and having FUN & making lots of friends.

I better get moving, time to prep her uniform and pack her lunch for tomorrow…

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