Venue Review: Children’s Lane

 This family run business has had its doors open for a mere seven months and is gaining tons of interest by the community and tourists alike. Especially health conscious Mommies, folks looking to purchase bespoke gifts and on the hunt for the perfect children’s bedroom/nursery set.

As Ruby and I pushed open the doors to the Children’s Lane boutique located at Fotouh Al Khair Mall we entered a magical space with hard to find products tucked away from all the hustle and bustle of Dubai. Ruby quickly planted herself on a luxurious silk couch made especially for petit girls. How gorgeous would that look in her bedroom… my mind was racing a mile a minute as I scanned the shop spotting the most precious pieces of furniture, clothing and toys. I had to control myself as I was about to meet with the store owner. In the meantime, one of the shop assistants asked Ruby what classic film she would like to watch. They had a slew for her to select from (Mary Poppins, Winnie The Pooh, Bedknobs & Broomsticks + more). She was as happy as could be sitting on a plush couch enjoying her own personal cinema on the projector screen!

“From birth through childhood, we create enchanting environments inspired by a timeless era of innocence, heritage and longstanding classic tradition.”

c3Have you ever tried to find quality European handmade items + furniture in UAE before? Not exactly the easiest thing to come across in the desert!

You can feel the passion and dedication poured into the boutique by this family run company. Each and every single toy carefully selected by the couple. They have very cute handmade wooden toys made by a lady in Poland. Imaginative, wooden cameras + handyman tools made in South America. Again, all sourced from small family run businesses. The Bella & Boo stationary products are super cute too! Really lovely cards- my favourite being the paper doll card for both boys and girls. Behind the counter, you can spot a range of magic toys! The famous bespoke Dumye dolls from UAE can also be found in small numbers (dolls with a purpose) along with fairy lights from Birdsn’Bees Dubai. This is just the beginning for the new Children’s Lane boutique. They have LOADS more of ideas, products and plans in the works. One of my favourite things in the store was the Peter Rabbit wind up dancing paper doll jewellery box. I purchased something similar for Ruby last Christmas “from Santa” at the Christmas market in Vienna. She has a paper doll ballerina that dances to classical music. Never thought I would find one like it again, but this boutique has an eye for trinkets!c1Uncle Goose Classic Blocks, Marbushka and Ragtales dolls, are soft or wooden, and made from other safe, child-friendly material. Parents will appreciate the selection of nostalgic toys, both educational and designed to engage their children for countless hours.c7Every brand of clothing such as La Stupenderia, Amberley, Les Enfantines, Nanos and other beloved classics sold in the store went through rigorous testing. The family wanted to see how it would pass the bill with messy play, eating and washing. Mainly brands that can either be machine washed or hand washed are sold. They prefer to stay away from the “dry clean only” garments as they can leave harmful chemical residues on the delicate skin of our babies. Ruby fell in love with the couture dresses showcased just as you walk in! So much fun! I adore the pajama display. I can already picture the kids sipping hot cocoa and reading Christmas books in the classic smocked and checkered PJ’s in about two months time! They would make beautiful gifts; I personally think you can never have enough pajamas! Low and behold on a single rack are exclusive dresses made by Nicki Macfarlane – designer of the royal bridesmaid dresses to the wedding of H.H the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Think fine European clothing with an old world twist. Children’s lane is all about comfort and luxury every step of the way.c6

c8The furniture again is selected from only the best of the best. Luxury brands which include; Notte Fatata by Savio Firmino, Stevenson Brothers Rocking Horses – a favorite among Europe’s royal families.c2All of the furniture sold at Children’s Lane is made of beautiful solid wood. Some with hours and hours of time spent hand painting special motifs. They are all fitted with the most luxurious cuts of material, including raw silk. Definitely pieces you will be keeping in your family for years to come! The price points are very reasonable ranging from 3,000 AED up to 15,000 AED +. Compared to stores you find in our local shopping malls that only sell mass produced cribs made in Asia for the same price! You can be rest assured these items have been made by people who have worked long and hard crafting a one of a kind crib for your child. They even have catalogs for you to pick the shade of paint you would prefer, or wood color and fabrics. A real custom tailored experience. c5Hrmm….how nice would it be to shop and plan for a baby one last time….baby number 3? Check out the custom made champagne and lace bassinet (the only one in the entire world).c4If you are planning to visit Children’s Lane the drive is really straight forward to Abu Dhabi. Takes about 40 minutes. If for whatever reason you despise driving or the distance sounds daunting (it’s really not) fear not as there are plans to open a Children’s Lane in Dubai soon! Yippee! Online shopping will also be available in the coming months.

Children’s Lane, Level one, Futouh Al Khair mall, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum street, Open daily. Visit for more information.






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