Good Eats: Facts about Kiwifruit!

Seems like healthy eating is on a lot of parents minds these days, especially when it comes to educating children about it.

Zespri Kiwi dropped off these fun little goodie bags (pictured below) for my kids and they were beyond thrilled as Kiwi is one of their favourite fruits. Did you know that Zespri Kiwifruit (the New Zealand kiwifruit grower) has launched a healthy eating campaign in schools across the UAE? I wonder if “Mighty Green” or “Super Sun Gold” mascots made an appearance at your child’s school during the month of October?


I know for sure that I am one of those parents that packs an extra “healthy” lunchbag to send my child to school with. Truth be told, I really don’t care as Ruby is happy to eat her fruit and veg, she knows it is good for her. Her school stands firmly behind a healthy eating policy and that makes me so happy. For vegetables I rotate between blanched broccoli, some days carrots and cucumbers. For fruit it is always changing between grapes, apples, blueberries, dates, dried fruit + more.

Interesting fact, only 6% of parents pack kiwi for their child. I just never thought of how I could serve it to her. After reading this fact I had to give it a try! I sliced one kiwi in half and placed it in one of the compartments of her tupperware along with a tiny spoon. Low and behold, it came back empty 🙂 Looks like kiwi will be a regular then!

After all, kiwi is a rich source of vitamin c providing as much as three times the vitamin c that oranges do and ten times the nutrition of apples!

By no means has this post been sponsored, I just thought it would be fun to share some facts with you which was all news to me after I read the press kit from Zespri!


Ruby & Nate loved coloring in the Zespri coloring sheets. We then downloaded an app made by Zespri and the mascots came to life right in front of us. Even better to get the kids crazy for kiwi!

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