Dear Diary: Payback Time!

To this day, once in a blue moon my Mom will remind me of the terror I put her through as a child.

Who me? Not possible… Well guess what, it’s now payback time!

With horror and a few chuckles my own mother will recount the time when I convinced the entire primary year students (even the older kids) of the tale of “Bloody Mary”.

The principal, who didn’t even need his secretary to dial our home number (he knew it off by heart) phoned my mother. Might I also add, he knew her on a first name basis (if he wasn’t calling about me, he was calling about my brother). Flocks of parents were dialing into the school that morning, all telling him how a child had made their own child terrified of going to school because of the Bloody Mary story.bloody_mary_by_icantstopdrawing-d3fmpda

I am almost certain it was my neighbor’s older sister who told my best friend and I about it. I would go to Karl’s house nearly every day. Adriana, his sister would tell us of the story. She told us to go in the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror and chant Bloody Mary three times. She would then appear. I remember standing in the bathroom, trembling, I was so scared. She played tricks on us (only when I was older did I realize she was full of baloney). She would knock picture frames down, or write things on the mirror with red lipstick. We were gullible 8 year olds!

Well guess what…little Miss Ruby came home yesterday from school in a state of shock. I was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner. She would not leave my side. Then the story emerged. A girl at her school in year 2 told her the story of Bloody Mary “if you say her name three times she appears”. The girl in year 2 told Ruby and her friends (in FS2) that Bloody Mary is in the cafeteria bathroom and she saw her covered in blood.

Great…now I know how those poor parents felt back when I was a kid! The funny thing is, I never thought such a story would find its way all the way to the United Arab Emirates! Not to mention, it was retold by a local child. Crazy!

I had to keep reassuring Ruby over and over again that the story was not true. Then I told her what happened to me when I was little. She told me she was too scared to go to the bathroom at school all day and made an accident! Looks like I will be contacting her school today so they can set the record straight with all the terrified youngsters!



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