Venue Review: Dubai Butterfly Garden

This was our last weekend together as a little family before the kids and I jetset to Canada for a short getaway.

Our old rescue dog Chico has a bad heart and I was sure we would have to put him down on Saturday. We had a vet appointment down near Jebel Ali in the Green Community at the amazing Blue Oasis with Dr. Deiter. Fingers crossed after x-rays + ultrasound he was prescribed three different medications to help his heart to pump better. Not to mention a hefty bill that nearly put my husband in a state of shock (he is fine now).

So as we were going to be down in that area, my husband kindly suggested if we wanted to make a day out of it and go visit the butterfly garden as we had never been. The kids were really excited and we made the best of our afternoon. As best as we could…anxiously waiting on the news from the doctor about Chico.

The entrance fee was 50 AED. I was a little disgruntled that they didn’t have different ticket prices for little ones (most places do). Not the money factor, just the principal, you know what I mean? Under 3’s are free and above is regular price (same as adults). Out total came to 150 AED (two adults + Ruby). It was nice, I would consider visiting again but I felt like there was something missing…maybe it was the fact that I had the stress of our dog on my mind, I’m not sure?



I have previously been to one butterfly garden in Ontario, Canada and I don’t know why but I found it to be more informative. In Canada, there was always a few staff on hand with stands set up sharing information on the lifespan of butterflies and other fun facts. They even had unusual creepy crawlies. This could be something the butterfly garden here in Dubai may consider adding. Not to mention they had an awesome gift shop in Canada (butterfly tattoos, local handmade crafts, butterfly kits, stickers and more). I found the staff at the butterfly garden here in Dubai were patrolling each and every one of our moves.  I didn’t like that feeling, it was as if we were doing something wrong. You know when you go into a shop in Dubai and the sales person pounces on you? Same thing! Much to my dismay, the gift shop was pathetic and insanely overpriced!


We enjoyed strolling through the three different rooms. Our favourite section of the garden was the part with the birds. The lovebirds were so cute:) There were millions of butterflies throughout the garden. You are absolutely bound to have them fluttering on by to you! I guarantee it! We had fun spotting the various species of butterflies but the staff were not very well educated on them and when we asked questions we often were given a dumb founded stare…



To be fair, it has only been open for one year, but it would be great to see some new features added (information booths on the butterflies).

Open daily from 9am-6pm

Next to Dubai Miracle Garden, Al Barsha South 3

(04 422 8902)

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