In The Press: Ruby’s 5th Birthday Party

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The venue (our backyard) & decor


Blondie The Pony From Al Tamimi Stables




Craft Time- Wooden Frames


Craft Time-Crowns


Pinata & Pin The Bow on Lalaloopsy


Good Eats


Birthday Cake Wishes


Loot Bags!


How To Throw The Ultimate DIY Kids’ Party:

What happened to the good old fashioned birthday parties? The kind I had back in the day?
For Ruby’s 5th birthday party we took it back to the 90s when parties were all about having FUN and playing GAMES.  The party was three hours long; parents dropped their children off and collected them after the party. Upon their arrival, I set out little beach pails for each child on a large table, the pails had grilled cheese sandwiches wrapped in wax paper, carrot sticks, crisps and juice. Adults had their own table with toasted hot dogs, three varieties of salads (potato, broccoli and ramen), fruit and vegetable platters, nachos, cheese trays and punch.
I could not resist throwing in a little flavor of Dubai for her special day. I somehow managed to keep it under lock and key until her big day! I hired a beautiful pony named Blondie from Al Tamimi Stables. The kids absolutely loved the pony rides and of course Blondie! They were equally excited with the games we played too! In between playing games, the pony rides and munching away on homemade treats, a talented face painter adorned their faces with whimsical designs.

Once the children were fed we dove straight into the games!  Time was ticking! Here is a list of some of the games we played and how you can play them at your upcoming party:

1) Potato Sack Race – I was able to find bags at a local flour mill shop. The children lined up and whoever got to the end of the finish line first would win a prize. It was hilarious that there was still flour inside the bags and as they jumped, bursts of flour puffed into the air. You could equally purchase inexpensive burlap in Satwa and sew your own bags or have them made by a tailor.
2) Hot Potato (As the theme was Lalaloopsy we passed a Lalaloopsy doll around)- Have the children sit in a circle, the birthday kid starts off the game and passes the “potato”. One person is in charge of the music (adult would be best) and randomly stops the song. Be sure to shout out “STOP” very loud. Whoever is caught holding the “potato” is out. Continue playing until there is only one contestant remaining (the winner).
3) Pin the Bow on Lalaloopsy (AKA pin the tail on the donkey)- You can  buy your own kit or make your own according to your theme. I veered away from the traditional game and painted a large Lalaloopsy doll and laminated it. A dozen black bows with a wad of glue tack on the back of each were made. One by one each player dons a blind fold. When it is their turn, the host spins the player and they try place their bow on the Lalaloopsy without peeking. The object of the game is to get the bow as close to where it should be. Whoever gets the bow the closest to the actual painted bow wins.
4) Piñata– Fill a piñata from your local party store with sweets or little toys. Each child gets a turn to try and break the piñata open with a stick all while being blindfolded.
5) Egg Race– Have the guests stand side by side, a spoon and a fresh egg in one hand. The object of this game is to get to the finish line without breaking your egg using one hand only.

In between playing games we had craft time. The children decorated foam princess crowns and wooden picture frames. I set out stations at the table with tons of glitter pens, markers, gems, stickers and foam cutouts for the kids to adorn their crafts with. Once their frames were completed a Polaroid photo of them was snapped at the Lalaloopsy backdrop. They each took these keepsakes home.

And just like that, it was time for cake and the kids were on their merry way. I prepared loot bags for Ruby to hand out as each child left which contained:  a Lalaloopsy coloring book, a flower lollipop, a little bow ring, bubbles, Lalaloopsy temporary tattoos and stickers along with all of the crafts they made while at the party.

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