My Cleaning Hacks!

I feel like Thomas Edison! I don’t even want to go on Google or Pinterest and find out someone already discovered these hacks. It would burst my bubble haha!

I found a way to remove some wretched foam stickers that were all over Ruby’s headboard. She thought it would be a great idea to decorate with them. They were literally impossible to remove and left behind all sorts of foam and sticky bits. I tried scrubbing it off with a warm wet sponge, those magic erasers…no luck! WD40! I sprayed a thin layer, let it sit and voila it removed EVERYTHING! Like magic! So if you ever happen to have some area of your home plastered in gooey stickers and don’t know how to remove them, now you do!


Next up…nail polish stains & tiled floors! It was over one year ago I left Nate in the care of my husband. I arrived home with a smashed bottle of bright red nail polish ALL over our tiled floors. For whatever reason I was the one who ended up having to clean it! I tried nail polish remover, turpentine and a whole lot of elbow grease. It was painful. I got so fed up I decided to LEAVE it. So in some areas upstairs there were still blobs of nail polish that were not possible to remove up until yesterday. I introduce to you…a BLADE CUTTER! With the flick of a hand all the hard bits came off in a flash. You can use it for Play Doh stuck in crevices and cracks, it works like a charm!

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