Fun Find: Picnic Bag Menu @PAUL

I was contacted last week by PAUL to come down and try the new picnic basket range and let you know what I think about it. I will go into detail below about my experience but I just want to flat out say I think it is a really nice option if you want to treat your family and are crunched for time. There is something for everyone to enjoy inside. This would equally be a beautiful Valentine’s Day idea for your special someone 🙂

You have the option to select from a 2 or 4 persons lunch (or breakfast if you fancy).

Breakfast & Lunch Menu:

                              Scan.jpg2 Scan

(Click above images to enlarge)

I went with four sandwiches. My personal favourite was the turkey & cheese (caramelized onions and slices of brie). Then 4 desserts which were easy to choose because we all love berries! 2 strawberry eclairs & 2 red fruit tarts. For drinks the kids had fresh strawberry juice and 1 lemon & mint for moi. The drinks were really filling and the kids could barely drink half each so we froze the remaining strawberry juice into popsicle molds which they had the following day. All the food came with a PAUL cooler bag and a complimentary picnic blanket.

I waited roughly 10 minutes to collect mine after placing my order (they were also super busy as it was lunch time).



Thumbs up from this Mommy (plus children) to you!



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