Fun Find: Bargain Find (s) of the Year!

*No this isn’t a sponsored post! Simply sharing a fabulous find with fabulous Mom’s who love to shop!*

I am like a dog with my tail between my legs sharing this secret of mine! I resisted the urge to make it public, but what the heck the deals are just TOO good not to tell another lady friend!

Dubai are you ready? I am all set to gush on the fantastic finds I spotted!

Havainas? We all know they cost a pretty penny at the malls! I spotted really cute styles for little ones + adults! Starting at…wait for it…39 AED!


Designer shoes (everything from high heels to sneakers and boots), clothing, sunglasses, and a top knotch range of toys (especially for girls). Lalaloopsy dolls (full size) 72 AED! Those go for a minimum of 200 AED ++ in all the toy shops. The Cars puzzle was priced at 7 AED! The baby sleeping bag (Baby Born) was 43 AED!  Everything comes from USA. They have tags from Macy’s (a big department store in US). I guess they were items that did not sell?


Really worth a visit if you are after some bargains!

Where is it?!?! Uptown Mirdif. Just next to the Spinney’s and Hallmark! It is called “Brands for Less” but it’s shared with a Tchibo store. The bargains are at the back:)

A lot of the toys are priced so reasonably they would be perfect to add to birthday loot bags!

Staff informed me that new stock arrives DAILY! Uh oh…this could be dangerous!

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