Rock Paper Scissors: Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Game

This project took me a couple of nights to complete. I worked on it whenever the kids went to bed (a few hours each evening). The finished results are exactly how I envisioned it to look and feel! I love how it turned out!

Now I have to wait a few more days until Valentine’s Day for Ruby to open her gift. This is a true “organic” and natural gift using wool from a sheep and stones from the earth. Perfect to gift your child or a friend! You can switch up the colors if you prefer.


It’s been a while since I have dabbled in my collection of wool. I wanted to make something special for Ruby for Valentine’s Day, something homemade and from my heart.

Another easy option if you do not want to felt is to paint the rocks pink and white and use crystals or white paint for the “X’s” & “O’s”. The options are endless! Have fun! That is the most important thing:)

We love to play games together, and one of her favourite toys of all time is this silly little elf I made her when she was a baby. I combined two things she loves to make this fun and touchy feely game!

My only wish is that I would have shared this craft with you last week! It would have given those of you who do not have felting tools enough time to go and collect them. Sorry! It has not been an easy week in my household with Nate being very sick…

Here is a list of what you will need to make this felted tic tac toe game:

  • Felt in pink and red (Daiso carries felt but I was lucky enough to have a big leftover stash from a lady who spins her own wool in Canada) I also came across this link that has tons of wool and supplies at very reasonable prices
  • Plenty of felt in either white or grey (enough to line a baking tray with 4-5 crisscross layers
  • Ten flat rocks (collect them from the beach, your garden or head to your local garden shop)
  • A felting needle (or more if you are clumsy like me and drop yours) This Clover Pen Needle tool is FANTASTIC from
  • A bowl with liquid soap and room temperature water
  • Vinegar
  • A baking tray (not mentioned in video but does help to keep the water from splashing about)
  • Sushi rolling matt
  • Tulle or netting

For starters, I used this great YouTube tutorial for how to felt rocks {HERE}

  1. Taking small wispy bits of felt, create a pattern of vertical and horizontal strips until you have completed 2-3 layers


          2. Place your stone on top of the pile of wool and wrap it around.


3. Take a piece of tulle or netting and tightly wrap the rock & wool inside of it.


4. Dunk your rock inside a bowl of soapy room temperature water. Pressing the ball from one hand to another for about ten minutes (as if you are making a snowball). You will know it’s ready once it looks like this:

5. Once your five pink rocks and five red rocks are fully felted, set them in the sun to dry. After they have finished drying you can take a little piece of white wool and create an oval shape for your “O”.



6. Felt the “O” shape into your rock. Don’t worry about making it perfect because the wool is very forgiving! You can really work with it until you have felted a shape you are happy with. Once your “O’s” are finished move onto the “X’s” in the same manner. Give yourself about 5 minutes for each rock.


Now that your stones are complete you need a matt for the game! I used a baking tray and about 4 to 5 layers of wispy vertical and horizontal pieces. You must follow {THIS} video tutorial online. The lady explains a very easy way to felt wool into a flat shape without knitting. I would say this is probably the easiest part of the project. You will notice my grey board is not totally “felted”. I did this on purpose because I like that the wool is still a bit soft and fluffy. Once I finished felting the square, I rinsed it in a vinegar solution and set it outside on my windowsill to dry for one day. For a real “homemade” feel I finished off the border using pink embroidery thread and very quickly sewed the edges. I love the way it looks! The white lines were done using the same process as the “O’s” & “X’s”. Two vertical lines and two horizontal lines.


For a nice little travel case I found a scrap piece of fabric in my craft room. I cut it into a rectangle shape (doesn’t have to be perfect). I then used the same embroidery thread and quickly sewed the edges closed. The draw string at the top was made by threading a piece of ribbon around the top. I glued on three wooden hearts I found in my craft drawer and voila!



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