Venue Review: CRYO Beauty Angel Facial @Dubai Ladies Club

My skin was long overdo for a facial so when CRYO contacted me I was looking forward to trying out their innovative treatment.

They offer five different types of CRYO facials. I tried the “Beauty Angel” which is 575 AED a pop.


“Revive your skin and activate the natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen with this age-defying treatment, which incorporates innovative Infrared Technology and a CRYO glow facial. The cleansing and nourishing process is enhanced through the active ranges of infrared light that are gently absorbed by the skin, reducing fine lines and leaving your skin visibly smoother and plumper with a restored youthful glow.”

It was not an overly fancy facial where you change out of your clothes and put on a robe, sip tea and customize the lighting & music in your room. But the face fact of the matter is, that it was quick and effective. The entire process from start to finish lasted 45 minutes. I lay down on the treatment bed, covered up with a CRYO towel and Tracy began to get to work on my face.


It started off with Tracy wafting essential oils around my face while I took a few deep inhalations of five different natural scents to relax. Then my face was cleansed and a peeling mask applied. The unique thing about the beauty angel facial is that my face was then exposed to… you guessed it, the Beauty Angel professional machine. It is a gentle light that naturally rejuvenates the skin by:

  • Stimulating collagen, elastin & hyaluronan
  • Smooths out wrinkles & fine lines
  • Firmer skin
  • Refines pores & improves skin texture

After about 15 minutes under the light (with my eyes covered) I managed to have a short snooze. Suddenly the light went off and I nearly jumped up out of my sleep haha.


Tracy then wiped down my face and was ready to put my face under some extreme temperatures (-140C).

I was a little bit nervous for the “cold” part of my facial, but being Canadian I sucked it up and was ready to give it a go! Heck, I remember blistering cold winter days back home where your eyelashes would freeze with droplets of ice (even the inside of your nose). Couldn’t be any worse than that!


CRYOtherapy for my facial was done all by hand. Tracy gently sprayed my face with freezing cold air from a machine (you can see it in the above photo at the top left hand corner) focusing on all the major areas for fine lines. Another way to rejuvenate the skin! It boosts the circulation which then allows the natural production of collagen to occur (restoring elasticity & a youthful glow).

The cold air lasted for roughly 10 minutes and was totally bearable.

A little bit of tonic and cream was applied by Tracy and then I was on my merry way home. I must say my face felt SO good when I left. Clean and fresh. I do have a kind of OCD thing with my face…I absolutely cannot stand the feeling of it being greasy or heavy with cream (often something I feel after going to a spa for a facial). I left with no makeup on and did not have a care in the world because I truly felt the skin on my face felt beautiful and clean. What a nice feeling!

OH! And on my way to my car I spotted the CRYO truck! Cool eh?


The experience overall was very pleasant and like I said, left my skin feeling brand-new and clean! However…I was sad to hear that to obtain the very best results you must do 3 facials the first week (nearly every other day) THEN weekly for about one month (so that is another 4 facials) and then…bi-weekly. It takes about 10 sessions in total to gain maximum visible results. I quickly calculated in my head that 10 facials comes to 5,750 AED.

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