Venue Review: VIP Penguin Experience

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Only in Dubai…

Do you get to hang out with baby penguins!

WHAT a once-in-a-lifetime experience the kids and I had together!


Over two years ago I visited the “Snow Penguins” at Ski Dubai with my cousin for a simple “Peng-Friend Encounter”. This on the other hand was extraordinary! I totally recommend it!

It was such a surreal moment for me. My whole life I have read about penguins (Mr. Popper’s Penguins) and watched movies about them living in Antarctica but never imagined to get up close with the ENTIRE “Snow Penguin” gang and even their BABIES! It was amazing and so much more fulfilling than the last time we visited. I guess you could almost call it a “backstage experience”. We saw the kitchen where the food is kept fresh for the birds and the area the babies play and eat + the upstairs where they swim and chill out.



What the kids and I were so thrilled to see were the babies. Born a mere 2 months ago, they are already nearly full size! When the babies are born, they fit into the palm of a hand. Can you believe how quickly they grew in under two months! We saw both the Gentoo Penguins & King Penguins. In this photo here, you will notice the baby is losing it’s feathers and getting adult feathers (it’s beak is full of them from grooming itself). Only once those feathers are in can they then swim (they become waterproof).


Another interesting fact…it is not possible to tell if they are male or female unless a DNA test is completed! What is your guess on the babies? Sarah the trainer believes they are both girls. I think 1 boy (the one in the single photo shedding it’s feather) and the other a girl.

And boy am I a real dodo-bird sometimes…I asked the trainer if the mother bird regurgitates the food back to the baby or does it produce milk. WHAT kind of bird produces milk? hahaha. Of course the mother feeds her babies FISH! First she makes it more into a “fish smoothie” and as the baby gets older she then just regurgitates the whole fish so it is warm.

If you have a child (or know an adult) that is equally enthralled with these gorgeous birds then this experience is totally worth it! I do hope you enjoy it as much as the kids and I did!

Nate blew bubbles for the babies and watched fondly at the trainer as she played ball with them (they love playing with bubbles and anything shiny). They are TOO cute for words! We did not pet the babies because I gave the kids a “serious talking” the WHOLE day to NOT touch the penguins and give them space/respect them. With permission we pet one of the adult penguins on the back. The texture is so smooth! My favorite part is on the back of their neck. It is so soft, I could stroke them all day!


If you are interested in booking they have 3 different packages available:


Before anyone goes all PETA on me (animal rights group) I want to tell you that these fella’s are SO well taken care of. They order herring from Canada (you can imagine what a pretty dirham that costs). They are fed a prime diet that they probably wouldn’t even have access to in the wild (sometimes they can’t find food for days in the Southern Hemisphere).

I was also informed that penguins will only mate and have babies when they are comfortable in their surroundings. Which means they enjoy living where they are (good sign)

“Our King and Gentoo Penguins at Ski Dubai reside in the most sophisticated habitat in the UAE. The enclosure consists of several areas including a private pool, a top deck area with rocks, and a private holding area. For guests who will be doing the Penguin Encounter, there is a possibility to see the penguins through a glass wall, as they will reside in their private pool or on the top deck. The private holding area will not be visible directly to public. Our kitchen is fully equipped to provide daily fish banquets for the Penguins, and if needed, a hospital facility is available. The penguins are free to move around the private pool, top deck and their private holding area.”

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