Product Review: “BeCards”

BeCards have been created by a talented father and teacher right here living in Dubai. What a caring man to come up with such a brilliant idea such as BeCards! We need more Dad’s like him that’s for sure!

“A Be Card is the spark of a great conversation between parent and child”


The idea behind BeCards is to build connections between both the parents and children when using them. I just love the spark of a TRUE and meaningful talk these cards helped Ruby and I curate. Not only are they fun, beautifully illustrated but also very educational! They are like Pringles chips, I betcha can’t eat just one. Well that’s how I feel when I read the cards with Ruby! It’s hard not to do more than one!

“This idea came about because I was searching for a creative way to connect with my daughter (she is now 7) and have a real conversation beyond the usual: “How was your day?” “Fine.” I wanted to have conversations that were purposeful; something that would help her on her journey to adulthood. So, everyday for a month, I illustrated a napkin with different character qualities and placed it in my daughter’s lunch bag.  At the end of each day, I’d ask her what she thought of the napkin and if she ever felt like the picture I created. Before I knew it, we were having meaningful conversations. As I shared this on social media, friends and family took inspiration from my efforts to connect with my daughter and expressed their desire to connect with their own children. So I decided to start making the cards and hopefully some good can come out of it.”

The illustrations come from a very talented person! They are vibrant, clean and playful. They actually remind me a bit of my favourite children’s author Robert Munsch and his illustrator Michael Martchenko. I also like that the cards are waterproof and durable. Not only did we create wonderful conversation, but my kids equally enjoyed browsing through the pile of cards and making up their own stories. It was fun for them to pick an image out of the envelope and see what we would talk about that particular day. Someday’s it was one card, and other day’s the whole pile!

Each card is illustrated on the front (as pictured below) with words such as “Be Kind” or Ruby’s favourite “Be Mindful”. On the back is a really nice and neat layout of the definition of say being mindful along with a historical figure who represents that word and then a question for the parent to ask their child. I often find Ruby picks out a card that shows how she felt on a particular day. Which would be impossible to determine without the cards!


I really love what Scott has done and it makes it so much more fun to interact with Ruby after school than the typical “how was your day” or “what did you do today” questions. Half the time… or shall I say 95% of the time I don’t even get an answer!

These cards work really well to break the ice and get a nice heartfelt conversation going! My only wish…is that I would have started these earlier with her! I find out so much from her when we sit together and read them! She really opens up like a book to me!

I can’t praise these cards enough and so proud this idea was created in UAE. You can find them for sale at your local Ripe Market or head to the website below to place your own online order.

If you wish, you can also email Scott and order through him here:


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