Review: Acer Aspire R 14 Laptop

*Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post*

Yes…I know…I am one LUCKY girl! And boy am I grateful for that!

Acer hosted an intimate evening with their favourite bloggers and I just so happened to be one of them!

They sent out the most amazing invites to each guest. They actually personalized the invite and complimented me on my work and certain blog posts they really enjoyed reading. That was SO touching, I have never had that happen before!

Because I can be a real do-do head *sometimes* I got stuck in major DIFC traffic and arrived over 1 hour late! Yikes, did I feel embarrassed!!!

During my torturous drive through peak traffic, the Acer team had a presentation and did a slide show on each blogger that was hand picked to attend. I wonder what they had to say about me:) Too bad they couldn’t even reach me on my phone…because I dropped it in a public toilet a few days prior (phone was in back pocket). By now I can say I am officially a really clumsy girl…

Anyway, eventually when I arrived to Intersect by Lexus I quickly grabbed a beautiful canape and glass of grape and calmed the heck down! I got to chat with some of the techy folks behind Acer and then was presented with THE MOST luxurious gift I have EVER received from a company since starting my blog.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my clumsy big heart Acer. You have no idea how much your personalized gift made my day/week/month/year. You brightened my 2016 with a full HD laptop 🙂


What a joy to be able to work on my Aspire R 14 in BED:)

I have been tinkering with my brand spankin’ new Acer Aspire R 14. I think it is great value for money. Like a shy little kiddie, I am going to flat out say I am a Apple Mac gal for life but since I am such an airhead with breaking my gadgets and damaging them I like the cost effective route of this laptop. It comes with heaps of neat little bits and bobs and the quality is very much at par with the Apple:

  • Cortana voice activated (like Siri for Mac)
  • Full HD 1080
  • It can convert from a laptop to a display, tent and tablet (you can share the screen with others)
  • There is a hinge inside that makes the laptop rotate a full 360
  • The wireless on it is ultra fast
  • The voice clarity is meant to be really good ‘purified voice’
  • Basic Apps (although I am heartbroken they don’t have Instagram)
  • Touch screen

The setup of the computer was extra easy. All I had to do was input my country of residence, name, email and all the usual details that ensue. I was then ready to rock n roll!


I immediately typed in my blog admin page to try and write a post with it. It was easy as pie. Honest feedback folks…can’t lie, just isn’t in me! My only “complaint” was that shortly after starting my computer I encountered an error on Firefox while writing a blog post. Pretty irritating as it sent my computer to restart and I did lose a few sentences of my work. After further investigation I realized it happened because the system had to install new software. Just warning you, if you get the same error message not to freak out! I haven’t had an issue since (almost one month).


As you can see, my kids are practically glued to me 24/7 EVERYDAY. They need to see and know what I am doing 24/7, you get the point! They want to touch everything I use and be involved. Thanks to my lovely new device, I can blog in bed in the comfort of my PJ’s and some serious lush bedding and pillows! It’s heaven! And I don’t even mind if the kids hang around for that. We particularly enjoy editing photos together on my new Aspire!

In terms of display, I love how clean and simple everything looks. The keyboard has a nice feel as I type away (I can type preeetty fast). The material is similar to a brushed black metal. Although my fingerprints seem to stick to it like glue gahh. On the OTHER hand…the display screen is a beauty. It barely marks up at all! And I know I already told you it’s touch screen! I also discovered from my husband (who works at one of the biggest companies in UAE) that he had the same laptop for work before! AND my Mom (now retired) who worked at a major pharmaceutical company in Canada also had one very similar by Acer.

Without technology, my blog would be non-existent. I once upon a time (since being a teenager) had a Mac. I used one without a single problem up until a few years ago when we decided to trade in our laptops and get one big desktop for the whole family to use. I was tired of looking at cables and was afraid with the kids tripping over them, or injuring themselves. The day I got rid of it, I missed it like crazy! Receiving this new Aspire was SUCH a treat. My office space is now FULLY complete! I can’t wait to show you the big reveal in a few weeks time. My laptop is the pièce de résistance ! Love! Happy! SO happy!

Below are some “everyday” pictures of me at home searching for recipes, gardening & cooking. My new laptop has made my life just that teeny bit more “easy”.


Meal planning with Pinterest & Jamie Oliver!


Picking fresh tomatoes from my garden for a pasta sauce! FYI this is how you will usually catch me around the house wearing casual clothes and no makeup! This t-shirt I am wearing is so special to me, my grandmother who passed away made it back in the 90’s (can you say vintage!)


Cooking with my laptop on standby! 

Following the facts shared on the Acer website about Aspire I thought I would use their little taglines as a guideline for my review!


Need speed where it counts? Get more online with 802.11ac wireless networking with Multi-User MU-MIMO at up to a two-fold increase in performance. Then add max-speed I/O from USB 3.1 with Type-C connector with more speed, power, pixels and protocols.

  • Speed is just as fast as my older more expensive device (maybe even faster)
  • It loads all my pictures likety split which is a major one for me when I need to piece together a blog post for my social media pages

Sight & Sound:

For better visibility, you get a Zero Air Gap display for brighter visuals, even outdoors. Bolder audio? We add Acer TrueHarmony Plus and Dolby Audio® technology for clear chats in Skype and Cortana, and reversible channels to match the display position.

  • Nice loud and CLEAR audio when playing back home videos recorded from my camera
  • I also love the audio when playing YouTube videos for the kids (and myself)


The Aspire R 14 combines two audio technologies to improve voice clarity. With Skype for Business certification, you get crystal clear and instant communication across the globe, while Acer Purified.Voice modulates your voice and filters out typing noise.

  • Totally second that! Skype audio was clear as can be! No more “can you hear me” or “okay, I’m here…can you hear me now”


The Aspire R 14 screen has an anti-smudge treatment that resists the oil and grime accumulation that can degrade your screen image. Added to that, we included our Acer BluelightShield™ technology to reduce blue spectrum emissions and comfort your eyes.

  • Very true! Screen stays wayyyy cleaner vs. my iPad!
  • I have had to start wearing reading glasses when working on the computer…I thought it was old age but it must be because my other devices don’t have this special BluelightShield technology! I’ll let you know if I manage to ditch the glasses using my Acer!

Battery Life:

You probably can’t run continuously for as much as 8 hours, but the Aspire R 14 can. At work or school, you can just keep on going without having to find someplace to recharge. Now that’s electrifying.

  • I like to drain my battery (on EVERYTHING) until the last, VERY last second! Sheer laziness, being busy or simply trying to get something done quickly before the battery goes… you have NO idea how 8 hours of usage makes me one happpppy blogger!


A powerful Intel® Core™ processor in the Aspire R 14 means you get the best of both worlds – the full performance of a laptop plus the fun of a tablet in one device. Edit photos one minute, watch movies the next. Go from spreadsheets to gaming in a flash. That’s serious processing. Only with Intel Inside®.

  • True that! It is really impressive to go from laptop to tablet just like that! Especially when the kids are at my knees grabbing for it or fighting over it and I am trying to put together a post!
  • I like how organized the tabs stay and how my laptop looks! I am reallllly digging this device!



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