Venue Review: Mattel Playtown Dubai

We have a brand new “eduplay” venue to take the kids to (from 2-10 years of age)! Perfect for…the hot weather that is going to be hitting us VERY soon! Ta-da! I introduce you to Mattel Play! Town. It is located at the ultra hip City Walk. Entry is 95 AED and 55 AED for accompanying adults. Open daily from 10am-10pm.

Ruby, Nate & I attended the grand opening with media last week and I have a few “behind the scenes” snaps!

Mattel Play! Town features engaging and stimulating play experiences built around five world-renowned brands: Barneyᵀᴹ, Thomas & Friendsᵀᴹ, Bob the Builderᵀᴹ, Angelina Ballerinaᵀᴹ, and Fireman Samᵀᴹ. Featuring live shows to create long-lasting memories, Mattel Play! Town is based on the innovative ‘eduplay’ concept that integrates play-based learning and highlights the importance of stimulating children’s imagination and love for fantasy to facilitate the development of social skills.


We didn’t have a lot of time to spend at Mattel Play and we were rushing to get through most of the two story Play! Town. We visited Angelina ballerina which was really fun.


A staff member put on lip gloss (with a q-tip) and blush on Ruby’s cheeks. She then went to Angelina Ballerina’s “kitchen” to make a tutu. After she put her tutu on (a very basic one, not as fancy as the prop picture below) she did a ballet dance with an interactive TV screen and very fun dance floor. Whenever you step on the floor it leaves a trail of glitter / hearts / confetti etc.


We had a lot of fun with the outfit changer. When Ruby and I were in Tokyo last year we did the same thing at Puroland (Hello Kitty heaven). We laughed so much choosing our ballet outfits. Nate kept busy on a piano which was somewhat controlled by an Ipad (as far as he knew, he was Mozart).


They had a lot of fun playing inside the Thomas area. Big slides, a ball pit and tons more.


We had to skip Fireman Sam & Bob the Builder and sadly didn’t even have time to go upstairs to see one floor dedicated to Barney! Next time!

The kids went crazy inside the toy store and I had to practically drag them out. Lot’s of souvenirs, plush toys, accessories, clothing, toys and books!


There are a total of FIVE play zones, live shows, a 4D cinema, and birthday party rooms to host children’s parties.

You can buy tickets online at

OR the ticketing booth at Mattel Play! Town

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