Giveaway: James & The Giant Peach

I have a pair of tickets up for grabs for the upcoming James & The Giant Peach play!


 This smash-hit show is being brought to life by the renowned theater director David woods and the award-winning company “Sell A Door”.

Thursday May 12 @5pm

Friday May 13 @11am + 3pm & 6pm

To be in the winning, head on over to my Facebook page {HERE} and answer this question (Name one of the cruel Aunts James lives with in Dover, England) under the James & The Giant Peach post!

Age Limit: 2 year +

Running time: 1:45 (including a 15-minute intermission)

Tickets: 140 AED – 195 AED

Tickets are available from Ductac, Virgin Tickets and Ticketline


(I remember taking this book out of the library when I was younger)

A bit of background history on the fun story by Roald Dahl (who is THE legend).

The hero of the story is James; a little orphan boy who, after his parents are killed in a tragic rhinoceros accident, is sent to live near the White Cliffs of Dover in England, with his evil aunts Spiker and Sponge. Resigned to a life of misery, James’ fortunes change when he meets an old man who gives him a bag containing the ingredients for a potion. After stumbling accidentally in the garden, his magic potion spills onto the soil underneath the old peach tree, and the very next day a giant peach begins to grow.

Initially Spiker and Sponge decide to capitalize on the fantastical fruit, forcing James to sell tickets to spectators, but then one night he hears someone calling from inside the peach and it’s time for the real fun to begin. From there it’s a cross-world adventure that takes James all the way to Central Park, New York, with hilarious results.

Starring Ewan Goddard as James, Max Gallagher as Spike and Grace Bishop as Sponge, and with a musical score by Harry Sever this captivating show, which stays true to Dahl’s legendary story, is a must-see for the entire family.

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