Fun Find: WIN a car! Bentley by Me Charity Campaign

A recent poll commissioned by the Bentley by Me campaign asked 1,000 children aged between 6 and 12 what their dream car would be like – and the results are out of this world:

Kids Dream Car Infogrphic A3 master lowres

Bentley by Me is a new and ambitious initiative organised and run by the Care2Save Charitable Trust and Bentley Motors to raise money to transform palliative and hospice care around the world! 

How can you help?!

For a donation of just £1 (5.20 AED), people will be entered into a prize draw to win a Bentley Continental GT V8, which they will be able to make into their own dream car by personalising it with their choice of exterior colour and interior finish from Bentley’s extensive colour palette.

“Although the lucky winner of our Bentley by Me campaign won’t be able to install a swimming pool or marshmallow seats into their new vehicle, we hope we’ve given people a little inspiration around what their own dream car might be like,” said Andrea Ladeira, the founder and CEO of the Care2Save Charitable Trust. 

“Palliative care provides pain relief, comfort and support to people who have serious or terminal illnesses and those close to them. Each year, 40 million people of all ages around the world will need palliative care – but 34.4 million won’t receive the care they need. The Care2Save Trust and Bentley Motors have teamed up because we want to address this global issue and make a significant impact on the lives of thousands of people in need of help.”

Using the money raised from the Bentley by Me campaign, the Care2Save Charitable Trust will work with organisations and charities in other countries to educate and empower them to build their own sustainable and affordable hospice and palliative care models.

The Bentley by Me campaign runs until 14th August.

Please visit for full details and terms and conditions.

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