Nate Turns 3: A Dino Party!

My not so little boy is now 3 years old! He has changed so much in the last year and is now a real “big boy”. He can hold full conversations, loves to play with LEGO and build things, get muddy and dirty outside, count to 20, nearly potty trained (some days). And…he LOVES dinosaurs!

Hence forth the dino themed party!

The party was hosted the day after his real birthday (April 15th). I nearly had a conniption and thought I was going to die. How often does it rain April? Hardly EVER right? Well it sure did rain that Friday morning. I was freaking out as the entire party was all focused on activities in our backyard! I told the kids to pray hard that the sun would come out. I was doubtful at around noon as it was still drizzling. SUDDENLY the sun came out and we had the best day ever! It was a mad rush to get all the decorations and food out! I didn’t even have time to put makeup on or fix myself up! I literally splashed cold water on my face, put a dress on and the guests were already arriving!

One could say the party was very much inspired by Pinterest (or the whole thing). It was so much fun finding ideas, planning and making them!


  • Dino foot prints along the pathway to the party. I went to a nearby bookshop and purchased a few sheets of foam paper (it had tape on the back which held really well on the stones)
  • Balloons- duh! No party is complete without them!
  • Streamers (crepe paper). Now I seriously struggled finding boy-ish colors. I went EVERYWHERE! The only place that had them was ACE…
  • Handmade dino tails. Yes, I painstakingly made these for each child. I re-purposed a collection of Emirate’s blankets we have been accumulating through our travels. They were super soft and colorful! And a BIG hit! I used this tutorial {HERE}
  • Burlap table runner (Satwa) it came in a handy roll


  • Plastic dino’s for table decor
  • Artificial grass (I used it for the drinks table)
  • The biggest hit was a hand painted stand-in photo prop of a child dressed like a caveman riding on the back of a dinosaur! As the guests arrived, I took their picture with it!



  • Pin the horn on the triceratops
  • Dino egg hunt- I hid mini dinosaurs inside plastic eggs leftover from Easter
  • Dino dig site- I buried marbles, bouncy balls & mini flashlights inside our sandbox
  • Dino egg race- each child had to get to the finish line balancing a fresh egg on a spoon
  • Pinata- I spent 2 nights + making this pinata using balloons, a water + flour paste, and hand cut crepe paper…it ended up looking like an alligator! Probably not my forte that’s for sure! Instead of filling it with only candy I put tiny party favors inside from “The Good Dinosaur” (and just a few candies:)
  • Feed the T-Rex- Each child had to try to get a bouncy ball inside the mouth of the T-Rex. Whoever did, got a prize!

After each game, two winners were able to select a prize from a big bag of toys. We had hatching dinosaurs, flying dinosaur’s, massive growing snakes and more



  • Dinosaur hand prints on canvas
  • Wooden dinosaur cutouts to color in

Loot bags:

  • I found these fabulous retro looking boxes at one of those cheapy 2 dirham shops (although they cost more than 2 dirham). Inside each box: slime, bubbles, fuse bead sets, big googly eye hand puppet rings. Additionally, the children took home their tails, the dino feet, polaroid snapshot and two pieces of artwork


  • A volcano plate of candy
  • Dino dirt (pudding) with worms (gummies). I layered crushed Oreo cookies, pudding, another layer of Oreo’s, another layer of pudding, sprinkle of Oreo crumbs again, chocolate rocks, a worm and a mini toy dinosaur
  • Dino toe nails (Buggles)
  • Dino foot prints (homemade sugar cookies with the imprint of a plastic dinosaur toy)
  • Dinosaur melon (It was easy to carve out. I scooped out the melon using a melon baller)
  • Dinosaur eggs (Rice Krispies)
  • Tree branches (chocolate covered pretzels & nuts)
  • Dinosaur bones (white chocolate covered pretzels with marshmallows on the ends)
  • Dinosaur biscuits
  • “Dyno Marshmallows” -store bought
  • We ordered a couple of pizza’s from Pizza Hut for the guests, although the children were happy just snacking at the table
  • Nate’s cake was made and baked by me! I used this AMAZING chocolate cake recipe {HERE}. It called for a cup of freshly brewed coffee and I nearly freaked thinking that it couldn’t be good for the kids and surely you would taste it. WRONG it actually helps to bring out the chocolate flavor and the cake was delicious!  I decorated it using crushed oreos, chocolate candy rocks, plastic palm trees and miniature dinosaurs
  • For beverages the children had “swamp water” which was chilled chocolate milk. I also had water on tap with mint leaves floating inside (made it look really jungle-y). The adults had their own “swamp juice” which was Sangria, and I knew I should have made more! It went really quick!



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