Venue Review: Eternel Clinic Facial

It is always very important for me to take great care of my skin and get a facial every few months. Now if only I could stick to a strict regime…rather than fall asleep putting the kids to bed each night…forgetting to wash my face and moisturize like a hot mess…I would probably look 5 years younger. Kidding! But facials sure do help to kick-start our skin back to where it should be!


I tried out Eternel Spa last week after hearing much buzz about it via social media & local magazines.

Maria was my technician. As always, I get super duper nervous under the gigantic magnifying glass when someone looks at my skin. I am always waiting for the worst feedback like “you don’t take care of your skin” or “you have wrinkles”. No I didn’t get any of that, not even a mention of a wrinkle YET phew! The only thing… is that I need to drink more water! Gahh! I try… But need to try harder! I am constantly a water police with my kids “are you thirsty? did you drink enough”. And there I am like a camel all day having a mere glass…it’s awful! I need to stop this!

I told Maria I had noticed I have been getting spots on my forehead recently and can’t seem to get rid of my blackheads no matter what I do or use. The spots on my forehead could be caused from my new routine of juicing (body riding itself of toxins). As for the blackheads I was told it is common with people that have T-Zone skin and the best thing I can do to get rid of them is to come in for a facial every 3 months AND drink water! Oh and never to forget to apply sunscreen! Another major thing I am awful at remembering to do!

The facial Maria decided upon for me was the Vitamin C Brightening.

“Superficial pigmentation, sun/brown spots, uneven skin tone and “smoker’s skin”. Vitamin C is best known for its cold and flu fighting properties; however when applied topically, it can reduce pigmentation and wrinkle visibility, as well as brighten the complexion. This is one of our favorite treatments!”

The treatment lasted for roughly one hour and Maria was very thorough with each step. Can I just say that I despise technicians using rubber gloves, it feels awful on my skin (especially when I have my hair done-ouch!). I had to double check she indeed had gloves on, they were very soft and felt great on my skin! Eternel uses a special pharmaceutical brand called ‘Image’ that work together to make the facial that much more powerful.




  • Cleansing
  • A vitamin c microdermabrasion was applied all over my face which I loved the feeling of. It was a bit scratchy but felt nice. Gave my skin a serious deep cleaning and got it ready for Maria to extract all the nasties
  • The microdermabrasion was left on while warm steam engulfed my face and opened my pores. It did feel a bit tingly/stinging but was totally bareable
  • The somewhat painful part of extracting spots and blackheads
  • Cleaning off the exfoliating masque
  • Applying serum and cream
  • A mini massage on my neck and arms (was average) the oil used reminded me of cotton candy it was heavenly!
  • I was then ready to go on my merry way!

I left the clinic with my face feeling totally fantastic. So FRESH and clean. I love that feeling! I did not have a spot of makeup on and really felt like a million bucks. The exact feeling you want when you get a first class treatment! The price for a Vitamin C Brightening facial is 750 AED. Which is a bit steep compared to most facial services offered. Just bare in the mind the products that are used, and the visible results achieved. I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”.



The clinic is very clean with peacefully decorated spa treatment rooms. Nice music playing and scented candles flickering to set the ambiance. Only complaint which is not even Eternel’s fault, is the noise and vibrations from the construction occurring along beach road. I am sure many businesses in the surrounding areas are feeling fed up with the construction too!

Thank you for a wonderful experience Eternel Clinic! I look forward to re-booking with Maria in three months time! I better get in the habit of drinking more water until then!





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