Venue Review: Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Center

Can you still recall what it felt like visiting the dentist when you were little? It was a morbid place with outdated magazines, a putrid smell of rubber gloves and the sound of drills going off. Not the most pleasant of places to be! No wonder children are so damaged for life after their first visit (all the way into adulthood-like me!). I still don’t really like visiting the dentist (actually who doesn’t) unless it is my dentist from back home in Canada (Dr. Trull).

Let me tell you…I sure wouldn’t be a scaredy-cat if my dentist’s office looked like where Ruby & Nate go! WOWZERS! Have you ever seen such a beautiful office space? I wouldn’t be surprised if they start asking me to visit more often just so they can play there!

This was my very first time taking the children to visit a dentist in Dubai. I never had that gut feeling I could trust one here, therefor would only book them in with my family dentist in Toronto…yes a 12 hour direct flight away! I’m nuts!

I discovered Ruby’s two front teeth were pressing against each other and she developed a cavity smack in the middle of her baby teeth…she needed help ASAP. Dr. Michael’s was the only place online that I found which had good feedback from Mom’s in Dubai, so we had to give it a go!

Some cool things about Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Clinic:

  • Outdoor garden with bicycles for the children to use
  • BEAUTIFUL sitting area
  • Stacks of the latest magazines and selection of children’s books
  • A stunning fish tank
  • A healthy array of snacks and drinks (along with Nespresso for the oldies)
  • Children’s artwork displayed elegantly all over the office
  • A nanny to assist with the children in the waiting room (only in Dubai)

The waiting area is so fresh and inviting. I liked the fruits on offer for children to eat and selection of juice and water. I won’t lie…the kids were really ticked off with me that we were at the dentist… they were ready to start screaming and yelling at me in public! They wanted to go home STAT! The office nanny came straight over and showed Nate some LEGO. He settled in nicely and began constructing a farm. Phew! One down and one more to get settled! It was not long before both kids were fond of the office (and the very cool fish tank).


Ruby & Nate were both booked in with Dr. Chantal. A very friendly French lady. She was so great with the kids. She started with greeting them in the waiting area and creating a fun conversation. She asked if they wanted to visit her friends in the office. The children were curios and said yes (5 minutes prior they wanted to go home). They quickly followed Dr. Chantal. She showed them her room and all the wonderful, charming things she had on display that they could touch and play with. All types of toys and books! And a very funny set of monkeys with shinny teeth!

Ruby was up first and started to talk up a storm with her doctor. She was comfortable (and I was relieved). She sat on the chair and Dr. Chantal asked her how she wanted to fly up. I loved the innocent sense of imiganation she used with them to describe what she would be doing.

Dr. Chantal used a very cool type of pen that projected Ruby’s teeth on a screen for her to visually see. Yes we could spot the two cavities right away! World’s worst Mom right? How could I have let that slip? Thank goodness they are her baby teeth and soon enough will fall out.


Dr. Chantal then counted her teeth and had a good look over them. She showed Ruby the correct way to brush (I will share a post on this later on in the week). Ruby could select from a flavor chart what type of polish she wanted on her teeth. Of course it had to be pink! Dr. Chantal used a cute word to describe plaque. She calls them sugar bugs. With the special pink polish she applied, we could see where all the sugar bugs were hiding. After a good cleaning she also explained to Ruby the importance of flossing and how it goes hand-in-hand with brushing. We decided to make an appointment and have Dr. Chantal fix Ruby’s front teeth as soon as possible! She didn’t want to fill the cavities in as they will be falling out so soon so she told Ruby that she would make a space between the two teeth so that oxygen and good oral hygiene will keep those sugar bugs at bay.


Ruby was done and able to pick something from the fun treat baskets! A pretty little ring is what she chose!

Next up was Mr. Nate. He was ANGRY and not one bit interested in having Dr. Chantal look at his teeth. He wanted out! He cried, and screamed…it was awful. Chantal calmed him and told him to sit on my lap (he was afraid of the dentist chair). She had a quick peak inside his mouth, counted his teeth and told me what areas I had to pay extra attention to. And that was it, we were done! He got to pick something from the basket (a flashing, glittery bouncy ball) and we were gone!

It was not long before we came back to visit Dr. Chantal though (just this past Thursday) to correct Ruby’s sugar bugs. The experience was so SO nice. She truly has a magic touch with kids and Ruby was not frightened by any of the process. She explains everything in such a funny way. And check out the amazing TV screen RIGHT on the ceiling! Who could complain with service like that!

Here is Ruby having her “teeth fixed” :


Highly, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic!


Thank you for making our experience so welcoming Dr. Chantal! We will see you again in 6 months time for a check-up (that is how often your children need to visit the dentist when they are young).

Contact Details:

Villa 1020 Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 1


You can also visit them online and chat directly with an online representative! Impressive stuff!

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