Rock Paper Scissors: DIY Sprinkle Hair Clips

For years and years I have pondered on how I could recreate a memory from my childhood. My Mother used to buy me hair clips covered in candies and I always thought that they were just the prettiest little things! That is how these clips were “invented”.

I could not even find a tutorial online or on Pinterest! I wonder if I should trademark this idea haha!

Using what supplies I had at home, I did my best at trying to make hair clips from memory dating back to over 25 years ago! Heck the Mod Podge I am using, is probably that old (I found it in my Mom’s craft stash).

These clips are SO easy to make and hardly cost a penny! Just don’t eat them! I know they look yummy!


What you need:

  • Metal hair clips (you can purchase them in Satwa)
  • Sprinkles used for cake decorating
  • Mod Podge
  • A paint brush
  • Clear nail polish



  1. Paint a thin strip of Mod Podge on your metal clip
  2. Dip the clip in sprinkles and arrange/re-dip in sprinkles if necessary
  3. Once you are happy with how the sprinkles look, apply a thick coat of clear nail polish (be generous)
  4. Let clips dry in sun until rock hard

IMG_0007 IMG_0014




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