Review: How Super Granny Saved My Life

Over the past few months things have gone from bad to worse in my household. I actually contemplated on packing my bags and running away (not that I would really do it, but the idea sure was tempting).

My kids were OUT of control! Not listening and creating havoc in my life and equally in my husband’s. Being at home during one of their whining sprees was enough to land me in the loony bin. I was so desperate. And as they say, desperate times, call for desperate measures.

In came Super Granny to the rescue and literally saved my life/sanity! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart Andalene!

“Known and loved around the globe, Andalene Salvesen travels the world as a speaker and parenting coach”

On day one, we spoke on the phone for roughly 30 minutes. She could hear how Nate was acting out. She scheduled a Skype chat for the following morning. I was nervous and excited the whole night about how my life would hopefully change for the better. And I can safely say that wish came true!

She prepped me the day prior about how I need to follow through on time out’s for Nate. Since he is three, he get’s a three minute time out. Surely some will gasp and say “we don’t do time out’s”. Great for you, your children must be AMAZING! Sadly in my situation I had NO other option but to follow through with deep conditioning on BOTH my kids.

They went from wild to feral in a few months. And when I say feral, I mean talking back to me and saying things like “I hate you Mommy” (when I didn’t comply to their request) or “Mommy you are so stupid”. That’s enough to break someones heart and send them over edge.

Funny enough, when I first poured my broken heart out to Andalene I told her my issue was getting Nate to sleep in his own bed! Umm…yes I know I am pathetic. 3 years old and he still sleeps with Mommy. Now this is where our conversation took a turn. I was really surprised but she said sleep issues is what she deals with last. He doesn’t sleep in his own bed because he is used to getting his way all day long. We casually spoke about a normal day with Nate and I noticed patterns. Like how he asks me to carry him up and down the stairs. How he only puts his toys away when he feels like it. All very wrong. So as I mentioned before, our first step was to the master the “time out”.


It was not a pretty experience but it was much easier than I had anticipated. For starters I was to set up a computer/ipad facing the children’s bathroom for Andalene to watch/coach me during the time out and then have my phone on me using ear buds. I knew I was in a very fragile state when I couldn’t even manage that. Sleep deprivation can practically kill. We ended up scrapping the skype call (after my internet connection cut out) and I just spoke to her over the home phone. And boy was that nice! I didn’t even have to leave the comfort of my own home! She very kindly walked me through each step and gave me words of wisdom and encouragement. After about thirty minutes we finally got it down pat. I won’t give away her time out secret, you will need to discover it yourself but it sure is magic.


After the time out was sorted everything else comes with ease (eating, sleeping) because you just say the magic words “Nate, you are not listening” pause…see if he does and if he doesn’t time out in Andalene’s secret spot for some quiet time. Once time out is over I am to say “Nate, stand up. No whining. Go to your room and play, I will call you when I am ready”. It really works!

Now what happens when your children have been listening and following through with time out’s nicely? They do indeed get a reward. But as Andalene says “If you’re going to implement a reward system for your child, it should never involve sweets or a toy. “The reward is quality, positive time together”.

If you are feeling as low as I was then you need to get in touch with the superbest Nanny I have ever met.

Thank you for saving me from possible future years of heartache.

To find out how you can book your very own home visit/skype session or coffee date with Andalene the Super Granny check out her Facebook page {HERE} or online at  

Top Tips (sourced online from an interview Andalene did with The National newspaper)

Don’t scream: “ Screaming at a child never works. You don’t want a child to listen to you out of fear – they will continue to do the wrong behavior behind your back. I don’t believe in shouting because it breaks a child’s spirit, plus they stop taking you seriously.

You’re not a friend: The worst thing a parent can do, the biggest impediment to discipline, says Salvesen, is to try to be friends with their children instead of parents. “Your job is not to just keep your child happy, but to build character, equip them for life, equip them to make good choices.

Don’t let relatives dictate terms: Salvesen says the biggest challenge when she works with mothers is their fear of what their mother-in-law might say or think. “These are your kids and your household” says Salvesen. Disciplining a child one way and then doing it a different way in front of an audience sends mixed messages.

Stick to your word: Say what you mean and mean what you say,” says Salvesen. “If you say no, stick to no. If you mean don’t jump on the couch, say it.”

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