Fun Find: Rags to Riches Dubai

This is one of the most wonderful charities I have heard of in Dubai.

Barbara Evans is the founder of Rags to Riches Dubai. It is a charity which she started 2 1/2 years ago. Barbara gathers and recycles old sheets, pillowcases and scraps of unwanted fabric and turns them into beautiful garments for poor children in developing countries.

She sews dresses and outfits for both boys and girls. She believes that every child should own something new once in their life. Imagine all the little lives she has touched in the last 2 + years! Simply amazing! Most of the fabric Barbara uses to make these garments are donated scraps. Please visit Rags to Riches on Facebook and see how you can contribute! Either with fabric, money or best of all basic sewing skills. The more that can sew and help the merrier!

Just look at the fantastic work she has done over the last few months! She saved Emirates fleecy blankets and made gloves & hoodies for orphaned children in Nepal! With that said, please don’t throw your blankets out this summer! Keep them for Barbara! You can get in touch with her here:

One last thing! She was nominated for the #EmiratesWomanAward give her a quick vote {here}

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Dresses made for orphaned girls:


Barbara and her volunteers handing out pillows for labourers in Dubai:


An orphanage of children in Pune, India waiting to receive their new clothes: