Dear Diary: Please Help Jeff Price (Pearl FM)

This is absolutely heartbreaking news!

If you are a parent in Dubai, then you certainly will have heard of Pearl FM! The only children’s radio station in UAE! Jeff Price is the man that helped create the brilliant station. He was also kind enough to once invite me on a morning talk show.

bcaef-sam_3738(Pictured above with Jeff Price- April 2015)

It came to me as a huge shock to hear that this talented and generous man is ill and needs our help! Please take a few minutes to read this post and donate what you can.


For 22 years Jeff has been working in Dubai. He helped launch famous English radio stations in UAE such as Virgin, Radio 1 & 2 and Pearl. In addition to his hard work, he even contributed to helping countless lives through his charitable work. Some of his charity work included repatriating Philpino workers who were too sick to work/travel home. As well as raising money for construction workers’ families that had crippling disabilities.

His passion has always been to help and fight for those unable to help themselves.”

Jeff desperately needs our help, NOW!

Earlier this year after searing headaches, Jeff was diagnosed with a rare brain condition that leaks fluid into his skull. Whilst he does have medical insurance, this was not able to cover 2 life-saving operations. Jeff, along with our family, friends and generous colleagues got him through the first two surgeries, but now the money has run out. Jeff needs to raise more than 300,000 AED to have a valve fitted a third time to reduce the pressure on his brain and for further medical treatment required in this complex diagnosis.This is time sensitive as daily his sight is failing and the short–term memory and speech areas of his brain are being damaged.

Jeff currently resides in Jebel Ali Village with his wife and two children (age 3 & 13). The family has spent all their savings on treatment. Please can you be so kind to donate any amount that you can to his Go Get Funding page {HERE}. The next procedure is estimated to cost over 300,000 dirham.

Donations can be made at

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