Fun Find: Ultimate Back To School Shopping Guide!

*Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post. I was NOT paid to write this. I did it to be help busy Mom’s*

You can thank me for a bit of “back to school” shopping prep!

I have spent hours scouring the internet for sites that deliver within the UAE + carry the best-of-the-best school gear! I hope you find this list helpful xox


Girls Classic Black Shoes:


A: Pom D’Api- patent leather derbies 385 AED {Melijoe}

B: Zecchino Doro- black leather shoes 375 AED {Lollypop Kids}

C: Jep By Jonak- black leather derbies (%60 right now!) 131 AED {Melijoe}

D: Start Rite- leather loafers (%40 off right now!) 238 AED {Melijoe}

E: Pediped- flex ann black 260 AED {Pitter Patter}

F: Karl Lagerfeld Kids- choupette leather flats (%40 off right now!) 255 AED {Melijoe}

White Sneakers (Unisex):

A (1)

A: Superperga- scratch canvas trainers 213 AED {Melijoe}

B: Superperga- cloth trainers 213 AED {Melijoe}

C: Monkies Magic Vinyl Trainers (%60 off right now!) 102 AED {Melijoe}

D: Pediped- flex frank white 245 AED {Pitter Patter}

E: Dore Dore- cotton socks (%60 off right now!) 16 AED {Melijoe}

F: Dore Dore- short cottong socks (%60 off right now!) 15 AED {Melijoe}

G: Petit Bateau- knit socks 37 AED {Melijoe}

Black Shoes For Boys:

A (2)

A: Dr Marten’s- colby leather derbies 301 AED {Melijoe}

B: Pediped- flex alex black 295 AED {Pitter Patter}

C: Dr Marten’s- smooth leather derbies 675 AED {Melijoe}

D: Galluci- leather derbies (%40 off right now!) 396 AED {Melijoe}

E: DSQUARED2- leather derbies (%50 off right now!) 392 AED {Melijoe}

F: Pediped- flex daniel black 250 AED {Pitter Patter}

Lunch Boxes: 

A (4)

A: Sugarbooger: Classic Lunch Sack 75 AED {DbBabies}

B: Sugarbooger- Retro Metal Lunch Box 55 AED {DbBabies}

C: 3 Sprouts Lunch Bag 85 AED {Just Kidding}

D: Cath Kidston Pony Lunch Bag 50 AED

E: Aqua Seahorse Lunch Bag (%50 off right now!) 97.50 AED {Just Kidding}

F: Itzy Ritzy Lunch Bag (%50 off right now!) 32.50 AED {Just Kidding}

G: Sugarbooger Retro Metal Lunch Box 85 AED {Just Kidding}

H: Sugarbooger: Classic Lunch Sack 75 AED {DbBabies}


A (5)

A: Sugarbooger Backpack 145 AED {Just Kidding}

B: So Young Toddler Robot Backpack (%50 off right now!) 192.50 AED {Just Kidding}

C: Catch Kidston Flower Satchel 120 AED 

D: Cath Kidston Dino Novelty Backpack 100 AED

E: Lilliputiens Jef School Bag 315 AED {Just Kidding}

F: Lilliputiens Liz Backpack 285 AED {Just Kidding}

Food Gear:

I absolutely FREAKED OUT when I found the #1 bento box for kids in North America online in UAE!!!

I can’t wait to order one for Ruby & Nate!!! I better do it soon because I know this will be a sell-out item!

You can only find these {HERE from The Baby Boutique}


Some Insulated Food Storage Ideas:

A (6)

A: Alfi food mug 120 AED {Just Kidding}

B: Zoli insulated food jar 110 AED {The Baby Boutique} & {Baby Souk}

C: Skip Hop: Forget Me Not Food Jar 90 AED {DbBabies}

D: Zoli This & That insulated stackable food containers 180 AED {The Baby Boutique} 

E: Kids Konserve- Insulated Food Jars 99-110 AED {DbBabies}

F: Nude Banana cover 45 AED {The Baby Boutique} 

More Storage Ideas:

A (8)

A: Nude Food Sandwich Box 65 AED {The Baby Boutique} & {DbBabies}

B: Kids Konserve Containers 99 AED {DbBabies}

C: Sugarbooger 2 Piece Container 45 AED {DbBabies} & {Just Kidding}

D: Beatrixny Bento Box 99 AED {Baby Souk}

E: Sugarbooger Lunch Box 45 AED {DbBabies & {Just Kidding}

F: Nude Food Yogurt Pots 55 AED {dbBabies}

G: Goodbyn Bento Lunch Box 50 AED {DbBabies}

H: Lunchbots Bento Lunch Box 145 AED {DbBabies}

I: Itzy Ritzy Snack Bag 60 AED {Just Kidding}

Water Bottles:


A (7)

A: Zoli Baby 25 oz water bottle 65 AED {The Baby Boutique} 

B: Stephen Joseph- Flip top bottle 49 AED {DbBabies}

C: CamelBak- Eddy Kids 0.4 L bottle 78 AED {DbBabies} & {The Baby Boutique}

D: Sugarbooger water bottle 115 AED {Just Kidding}

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