Dear Diary: Onesie

Why did I rush and want you to grow up so I could dress you like a big boy? On Sunday you will be starting Kindergarten. Your very first day of school! Oh where has the time gone?


I was anxious for you to outgrow your little baby onesie so I could dress you in more hip clothes.

Today I picked up one of your sweet onesie’s I saved and hid in your cupboard… and held it close to my heart.

I long for the day you were a little baby boy that fit so perfectly snug and cute in your onesie. Giggling, crawling and eating baby food. Such a cuddly little body with soft bunny like fur hair on your round little head. Magical to snuggle with at nap-time, your head fitting so perfectly under my chin. You would purr like a kitten and lay still as a log. I miss those days…


Let’s stop rushing and enjoy each day with our babies just the way they are. Soon they will grow up even BIGGER and OLDER and we will miss more than just our babies in onesies!



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