Dear Diary: Nate’s 1st Day of Kindergarten

Who knew this day would arrive SO quickly.

It was really hard sending him off to school today. He cried and begged me to stay home.

Deep down it feels SO wrong what I am doing…Sending him to school at such a young age. But at the same time I know in my heart it is time for him to get a bit of independence, meet new friends and have fun.

He was rather excited picking out his new school shoes, backpack, water bottle & lunch bag. Just not very excited about his first day actually going to school!

To be fair, I would not be either…when we arrived at the kindergarten section of his school it was awful. A handful of kids in each classroom were screaming bloody murder. Naturally, it freaked him out! He nearly cried when I dropped him off, but I quickly made a mad dash before he could. I feel so evil…

On the other hand, he has a very short day this week as the little ones at kindergarten get settled (8am-11am). I sent him to school with a snack as he won’t be there for lunchtime. Sunday he has a full day, so I will share his bento box with you then, just like I did with Ruby’s.

Mommy in Dubai

What do you think of these adorable signs I had made for back to school? I ordered them from Etsy {here} as I am terrible with Photoshop, nor do I have the time to fiddle around with it! I then had them printed for a few dirhams at a local bookshop. The frames were an old (really old) DIY projec {here}t I did years ago which I think look fab with these chalkboard prints!

Untitled design

Nate’s adorable backpack was purchased this past weekend from Cath Kidston. I love how it is JUST the right size for his tiny kindergarten body! The kids begged me for hand sanitizer (clearly something I do not buy often) so I treated them to Bath & Body Works for a cute key-chain to hang off their bags and their very own hand sanitizer. FYI the holders are on promotion now (buy one, get one free) plus they have back to school coupons for students which we used on the sanitizer (buy one get one free). Nate chose a frog as a holder, and orange scented gel. His lunch bag was something he picked out while we were in Canada (Avengers). His water bottle is also from Cath Kidston (robots). Shoes are Clarks (Gloforms) & socks from Gap Kids. Another important thing I almost forgot to mention was labeling EVERYTHING in KG1! I had an older pack of labels from Canada {Mabel’s Labels} that I used for Nate but when I run out I will buy these ones locally from The Baby Boutique {here}



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