Dear Diary: Are We EVER Going To Be Beautiful ENOUGH?

The other night, as I slumped down into the couch after putting the kids to bed (they stayed up really late that night, my bad!) I gave myself one hour to relax. Which meant switching on the TV and watching Netflix (Chelsea Handler, I love her!) Simultaneously as I watched, I also had my phone next to me. I quickly scrolled through my Instagram feed. An image appeared which I didn’t notice was sponsored. I clicked on it. It was a before/after shot of a girl who had her eyes done to remove dark circles. The plastic surgeons feed was pretty fascinating and the next thing I knew, I had spent probably a good 15 minute snooping on his page. I don’t know why I bothered looking at it because it actually made me feel even worse about myself. Isn’t Instagram so good at making you feel like that? Sometimes I really wish I could delete all my accounts and switch off.

Which brings me to this question…when are us women going to be beautiful ENOUGH (naturally) for ourselves + the world + social media? I really have had enough! It is shoved in our face 24/7…

On this plastic surgeons feed were images like this:


You don’t even have to go under the knife anymore to get your boobs and butt bigger.  They have procedures for EVERYTHING. To remove cellulite, to make you lose weight, to make your hands look younger, make your skin tighter. WTF. We might as well be perfect walking mannequins.



It’s bad enough we compare ourselves to celebrities, why our bodies can’t look like theirs after giving birth but this is a whole other ball park. This is sort of like; you don’t have an excuse anymore why your skin can’t look like it did when you were 20…

Well I have a theory. Yes Kim Kardashian is ultra-pretty and has the perfect body in every single way…. She also has happened to recently drop a lot of weight (lucky). Look at her stomach!!!!


BUT WAIT…she ALSO happens to be visiting a plastic surgeon (same guy I am talking about throughout this post) to get her skin tightened. Is it any wonder she looks the way she does? Can you really call this natural beauty?


This world is turning into a real disaster. We are losing our authentic selves to mimic those such as Kim. Or dare I say porn stars? It’s true!

What I’m trying to say, is that yes with a good $75,000 +++ USD we can all be perfect humans walking this planet. But is that really the right thing to do? Can’t we love ourselves the way we are, stretch marks and cellulite included? Or is this the reality of the future? It’s a scary thought and scary world we live in…What will procedures consist of in say 10 years, or even 20 years? I bet it will be the norm to just pop in to your local doctor and get X, Y, Z done in an hour and for the fraction of the cost today!

But when is it going to be enough for us every day girl’s/Mom’s? Do you feel the pressure to be perfect? Because I sure do…I’m not sure I can keep up with this anymore.

It’s no wonder the vast amount of suicides taking place across the world with our young women due to social media and the way we look!

Imagine the other day, my 3 year old son asked me “Mommy why do you keep standing on that thing every day”? He was talking about a scale. I looked at his curios eyes and wanted to cry. My weight has become an obsession. I don’t want this anymore.

I dream of a world we can all be happy in, no matter what body type we have.

Just promise me one thing, LOVE yourself. Love yourself for who you are.

Your kids don’t give a rats @$$ how you look.

Yes it’s important to take care of ourselves, exercise and be healthy ! But it’s equally important to embrace our flaws and express this to our young ones.  I don’t want them to grow up with these crippled brain washing thoughts I (we) currently have.

I pray for our children’s generation to be more loving towards their bodies.  That’s all…

Let’s be honest, our butts will NEVER look like those perfect round mounds the Kardashian’s have unless you want to spend a cool $40,000. People are darn well starving in this world…that don’t even have a home to live in, or school to attend. Is this really a priority?


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