Holidays: Ruby’s 6th Birthday Party @ Build-A-Bear!

What an absolute blast Ruby had celebrating her 6th birthday with all of her closest friends!

By request, she asked if she could have her party at Build-A-Bear seeing as she is a HUGE fan! At first I was a bit hesitant, as I am used to hosting them at our home where I prepare everything from scratch (check out Ruby’s party last year here and Nate’s here). But since she loves Build-A-Bear so much I was happy to host it for her there!

A few weeks before her party, we met with the store manager at Festival City and chose the bears she would offer her guests + outfits (skirts for girls & boxer shorts for boys).

We were SO lucky as our very favorite Build-A-Bear employee came all the way from MOE to host Ruby’s party! She is the BEST (Marviel Lea)!

I will very briefly go into detail about the party now! It was from 11am-12:30pm. Best time of day to have it as the mall is quiet. We arrived 10 minutes early, during this time Ruby & Nate sat with Marviel Lea. She first gave Ruby a beautiful birthday badge to wear. Then she helped prepare a list of all the guests attending and made stickers for each one to wear. She instructed Ruby to hand out the stickers once the guests arrived. I can’t praise her enough! She is so organized and full of energy! Build-A-Bear is incredibly lucky to have an employee like her! We have been to shops all over the world to make bears for the kids and she is by far #1 in our eyes!


As guests trickled in, Marviel Lea had them sit in a circle and kind of “break the ice”. Asked them different questions about the kids (age, favorite color). She did this for about 20 minutes until finally all the guests were present. She has a special charm to keep the kids entertained and focused.

She made it very clear that Ruby was the birthday girl and every moment was made extra special for her. She would often have the kids shout out “happy birthday Ruby”. Ruby was always first in line to do every activity. I really appreciated that gesture. I could see how proud Ruby was at her party all thanks to ML!


She played various games and sang songs with the kids. Plus a lot of excitement was built for the best moment of the party…building the beautiful bears! When it was time for the children to choose their bears, she placed them out on the floor and the kids had to line up behind the bear of their choice. My favorite touch of all was that each child was given not one, but two hearts at the party (you will know these plushy red hearts if you have ever made a bear at Build-A-Bear before!). One was for the child and another to place inside Ruby’s bear. She also gave one to my husband and I. Which means that Ruby had 18 hearts inside her bear!


When it was time to dress the bears, she made a fun little game out of it! I do wish I had thought of bringing my own prizes from home for the children… That would have been even MORE fun!


The party lasted exactly 1.5 hours which was just enough time to make 16 bears (yes that many kids attended)


The one and ONLY challenge I had was where to have her birthday cake… I felt awful not having nibbles out for the guests. This is one thing I always make sure everyone has plenty of! However, food is not allowed inside the store. You can only imagine the mess some children create while eating + touching all the bears and accessories! Yikes! I hope one day they can expand the store and have a party room! That would be ideal!

SO my idea was…to take the children downstairs one level and have Ruby’s birthday cake at a bakery. Which is what we ended up doing! The party host helped me bring everyone to the cafe safe and sound. She was very good at keeping track of everyone (into the lifts and walking in a straight line). I couldn’t have done it without her!


The kids sang Ruby happy birthday, everyone had cake (including the adults that were present) and the party was over shortly after 1pm!


It was a fantastic party. It took LOADS of stress off me as I barely had to plan anything! Only hand out invites and pick out a cake! I ordered these sweet personalized invites from Etsy and had them printed at my favorite shop inside the Airport Freezone (Dubai) on this pretty iridescent paper:


The day would not have been as FUN and HAPPY as it was without you Marviel Lea! Thank you from the bottom of heart and all 18 of Ruby’s plush hearts inside “Julie” her new birthday bear! The kids LOVE you! A special big thank you as well to the store manager Svetlana who is just as kind and perfect at her job! We will never forget Ruby’s 6th birthday!

 For those of you interested in what both Ruby & Nate wore: Baby Ole! A handmade Spanish brand sold in Dubai. The colors & fabric are gorgeous! We are obsessed!


To book your very own party at Build-A-Bear Workshop then click {HERE} for more details!

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