Fun Find: Tummyfish

To celebrate the launch of Tummyfish, my family and I attended a grand celebration with Nestlé Middle East and Motivate publishing at Wild Wadi in Dubai.




  Tummyfish is the most genius app you can ever download for your little ones!


The aim of this new app is to get our children to drink more water. It is part of the United for Healthier Kids movement. Nestlé is all about nurturing healthier generations. Something that is VERY close to my heart!

Nestle is striving to teach our children healthy habits from a young age which will then be carried on throughout their life.

  • More Movement: Being active is not only important for health, but for children to develop their motor skills, decision-making, attention and teamwork abilities. Regular physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle where any amount and any type of exercise are better than none.
  • More Water: Water is best for calorie-free hydration and controlling the body’s temperature – and is especially important for children who are physically active or live in hot climates. Parents should encourage children to drink adequate amounts of water.
  • More Fruits & Vegetables: Children should be encouraged to have a varied, nutrient-rich diet based on the different food groups. The United for Healthier Kids program emphasizes variety such as offering vegetables and fruits as snacks, in side dishes and incorporated into main meals.
  • More Managed Portions: Helping children select the right amount of food, in the correct proportions, instills healthier eating habits. United for Healthier Kids communicates age-appropriate portions to parents.

What is Tummyfish? This cute yellow fish is a “virtual pet”. It encourages our little ones to drink more water! The initiative behind Tummyfish is to influence our child’s behavior in a positive way, encouraging them to drink their recommended daily amount of water.


Nestlé uses a storybook to tell the tale of a fish that finds a safe haven inside a child’s tummy. The book goes hand-in-hand with a groundbreaking app. Once you have finished reading the book, you can bring your pet to life by downloading the app. The app allows your child to monitor their very own Tummyfish. The aim is to keep their new friend happy and healthy by consuming the recommended daily amount of water.

My favorite thing about Tummyfish is that it encourages children to replace sugary drinks with water instead! Ruby generally only drinks water with an odd glass of milk here and there so it’s not a big issue with her. However…my son Nate loves apple juice! Since using the app though…his drink of choice is now water! How amazing is that!

Tummyfish, you guessed it…is a fish who swims in your child’s belly. It gets happier when your child drinks plenty of water and sad and slow when it does not get enough water. It also becomes ill looking when your child drinks sugary drinks and juices. Nestlé wants water to be your child’s number one beverage of choice to hydrate with.

The app gives you the option of setting timers on your phone to help remind you/your child to hydrate. I specifically chose morning, after school (during homework) and after eating dinner.

Did you know that water is essential for practically all of the body’s functions? Dehydration throughout the day may negatively impact cognitive functions. Children may be at greater risk for dehydration than adults for several reasons, one of them being that children often do not voluntarily drink enough water during physical activity.


Here are some tips to help you stay on top of your children’s water consumption habits:

  1. Know the right amount: 1600ml for 4-8 year old & 1900ml-2100ml for 9-13 year old. This is only a guideline, every child is unique and so are their body’s requirements
  2. Monitor hydration: You can asses this through the color of their urine. Clear urine colour means your child is well hydrated. Darker urine colour, means less hydrated
  3. Be a role model: Encourage your kids to drink water regularly. Make sure to drink water in front of your children . Make drinking water fun by using funky straws and cups!

“Hydration is particularly important for children as they need more water during the day for many reasons among which are: their fast growth rate, higher water percentage of their body, and being generally more active than adults,” said Dr. Carla Habib Mourad, Clinical and Community nutritionist and the Nutritional Behavior Change Expert for United for Healthier Kids. “Children usually don’t ask for water as the first option when they are thirsty and parents need to make it available and fun for them to ask for.”

Join the movement and download Tummyfish from the App Store or Google Play to witness this truly unique experience!



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