Fun Find: Clorox Clothes Stain Remover & Color Booster

I know it’s only been a month since school started and I might be acing the packed lunches still…but the uniform front is suffering. I have started to notice that the brand new school shirts (which I spent a fortune on) for the kids are losing their pretty sky blue color. Time to brighten things up! Something I have never tried/done before!

I am a bit of a washing freak. That means I do a load of laundry every day + fold and put away (myself) because I hate getting a pile up of smelly clothes & OR clean clothes to put away! So all good on that front. BUT I needed a bit of sprucing up with my actual “cleaning the clothes process”.

Before the summer holidays, I noticed a new product out by Clorox to brighten the colors of your clothing. I was keen to try it then, but forgot about it until the other day when I was ironing the children’s uniforms and was like…it’s time!

Love trying and testing new products!

Here is one of the blue school shirts prior to using Clorox Color Booster:


Not bad, but not great either! This particular school shirt is Nate’s (FYI).


        I filled my sink up with with tepid water and threw in his uniform shirt.

     I then added two teaspoons of the Clorox booster additive


             5 Minutes having a nice soak


          After the little spa treatment it was time to toss his shirt in the washing machine.

Here is a little “behind the scenes look” of how my “washing area” is set up. Yes…my husband and individually cut and glued each one of those wine crate boxes onto the wall!

Still lot’s left to do inside the laundry space (painting + wallpapering + new shelving)


I used my regular detergent for the wash load.

Plus I added two full caps of the Clorox Clothes Color Booster liquid.

I then added the remaining school shirts to this load.

(I put a safety pin on the shirt I pre-soaked for this experiment)


Out of the wash, having a nice sun tan. They sure look beautiful and bright don’t they?


All crispy dry! Time to iron!


BEFORE & AFTER! You be the judge! It was totally worth the extra time spent! I must admit, I did goof up this before and after series of photos. To begin with they should have been taken outdoors (look how bright they are outside! That is the true outcome of this experiment). Instead, they were inside and taken and at different times of the day. Oops. But I CAN vouch, that the shirts certainly have a great boost of freshness + added brightness!



Ruby’s stained shirt that went into the wash (without pre soaking).

Top two photos are obviously before and the bottom two after. I really didn’t think anything could pull a preset permanent marker stain out. Lucky for me, Clorox helped fade it slightly which to me was a success. The stain was preset. I had previously washed this shirt twice (without Clorox) AND put it in the dryer, so it was a done deal from the get-go! Wish I had used Clorox when it first happened…live and learn! At least I tried right?




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