Rock, Paper, Scissors: Recycling Craft

Reem from Crafts Love blog (plus online store here) is the first person to write a contributing post on my site! I hope you enjoy it!

I really like these three ideas she has come up with to reuse plastic vending machine balls. Yes, those same plastic balls you get when buying one of those cheap and annoying trinkets from a vending machine…you can’t avoid them at indoor play centers/malls! I always feel so bad to throw them away, don’t you? Why not start saving them and re-use them for an upcoming party to store treats or goodies inside? They would make cute little take home “loot-bags” too!3untitled


  • Bonbons: Wrap the balls with tissue, leave some extra on both sides and tie with ribbon! You can use Kinder eggs too for this craft!


  • Ice cream cones: To create the cone, first cut card stock into a circle. Then cut the circle in half, and finally into a quarter. From the quarter piece of circle paper, create a cone shape. Use tape to secure it. Wrap the balls with tissue paper and arrange them together + cone using a hot glue gun. You can add a pompom for decoration!



“Reem ALMulla is the founder and designer of The blog started as design and DIY blog, and then later expanded to include an online shop that helps designers and crafters find their tools.”


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