Fun Find: Winter Layers With Redtag

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Dubai! The cool weather is slowly creeping in and that only means ONE thing! Sweater & layering season! Goodbye flip flops and shorts, hello gorgeous chunky knit sweaters and boots!

I had such a great time choosing looks with Redtag. They have a tagline that goes something like this “always fashionable, always affordable”. And it could not be more accurate! I found some really nice outfits for an absolute bargain. And best of all, it looks stylish and smart. That for me is really key when shopping! I look for affordable pieces that have a level of quality that will last through all the trials and tribulations of motherhood + raising children who like to spend time playing outdoors. Redtag ticks all the boxes for me. I can’t wait to show you my looks now!

For my first family look I picked up on fall colors + accents of burnt orange and navy.1

My look starts with a knee length, navy stretch dress with gold nautical buttons on the neck area. I layered it with a beautiful long burnt orange sweater. Playing on the nautical touch of my dress, I added a striped navy canvas handbag and a chunky knotted necklace. My grey suede booties break up the look while still giving it that warm feel. I adore the “love” ring because it is how I feel about my family and children, so fitting for this picture. When I turn my hand over, a tiny gold heart is set on the inside of the ring. The ring comes inside a value pack with an assortment to choose from, you can instantly change any look or mood you are in. My current mood=Love (for the change of seasons and my children)



Ruby is wearing a fun one piece dress. Tutu, glitter and beads! The right ingredients to make any little girl beam with joy! The jersey top has a hand beaded detail going around the neckline followed by another line of sequins. The skirt consists of layers of soft army colored green tulle and jersey with pretty sequined rose gold swans and a shimmery gold waistband. Ruby layered her dress with a navy cardigan. The cardigan has little gold stars which help to pick up on the rose gold accents of her dress & shoes. She kept the look casual but cool with adorable floral + gold sneakers.


Nate looks so charming and stylish in his outfit. Redtag makes the very best dress shirts for little boys (trust me when I say this). Nate’s striped navy shirt plays up on the nautical pieces of my look. The sweater which is draped over his shoulders is so gorgeous and soft, it has hints of navy + orange + light blue. Still keeping the look casual, he sports jeans (which have the most genius adjustable waist band) & burnt orange sneakers. His shoes are a step up from your usual white sneakers. They give a very comfy and preppie-hipster look.

7For our last look I wanted to mix comfort and style all into one.8

I am a huge fan of the Chelsea Handler show, and yes that means I like to “Netflix and chill”. I love how she always wears high waisted skirts and band tshirts. So she was my inspiration for this look! I was immediately drawn to the stretchy and soft herringbone Redtag skirt. I could not resist getting my hands on the most perfectly cropped grey sweater! Not only does it fit nicely, but it has fabulous gemstones adoring the shoulder area. Since I love bling, gold and glitter I paired my outfit with a pastel pink & gold satchel handbag. I kept the look toned down by flinging it on cross-body. The boots are so perfect too! Black suede with a touch of flirty fringe!



I kept Ruby’s outfit on the cool and fresh side with a pretty white crepe style dress and very high-end looking dusty rose cardigan. Her sweet little scallop trimmed shoes match perfectly with the color of her cardigan and her lace headband with the dress.


Nate’s look is more on the dark/cool side with lots of navy blue and maroon. Preppy but still casual. His dress shirt came in a set with the royal blue tie shown and luxurious blazer. I paired it with maroon colored trousers (again with the practical adjustable waistband). By rolling his trousers, a really great hidden detail is shown, it also helps to keep him looking on the more casual side. His classic lace up navy shoes are so versatile and can be worn all throughout this winter season no matter if it is dressed up or dressed down.

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