Venue Review: Factory Tour of “Signature Snacks”

This was a dream come true visiting the Signature Snacks factory & meeting one of the most successful business men/real life Willie Wonka of the Middle East (Nizar-founder & CEO)


For those that have been following my blog from the beginning, will know that I am the biggest Willie Wonka movie fan (the original 1971 film)! That movie sparks a magical fuse inside my heart. I have watched it dozens of times and never get bored of it. Visiting Nizar’s factory was “pure imagination”! The factory had a waft of warm chocolaty goodness. If I could trap it in a bottle I would wear that scent every day!

Signature Snacks is a one-of-a-kind factory. Why? It is a state of the art facility which produces a variety of high quality biscuits, wafers, crackers, dates coated with chocolate, mixed nuts with dried fruits, chocolate coated nuts & salty nuts. Plus they don’t use all that usual junk you find in pre-packaged goods. ZERO artificial colors + artificial flavors, preservatives OR hydrogenated fat. One of my favorite facts about Signature Snacks is that they use SUSTAINABLE palm oil which really makes me feel good.

Their chocolate covered dates (called Zayna) are the ONLY non GMO + FDA approved dates in the world! All the milk products are organic (skim milk powder, whey powder and whole milk powder)

Their aim is to provide a premium and natural product which contains NO trans-fat! Which is SO perfect for families who are trying to eat healthy and are conscious of what their children put inside their little growing bodies!

“Enjoy a healthy, sensational snack through a vast variety of product choices, whether you’re a sweet, salty, spicy or chocolate lover.”

Did you know that Signature Snacks sells in 75 countries around the world? My jaw dropped when Nizar told me they would soon be stocking in Cosco (a HUGE store in North America) + Walmart +  Trader Joe’s. And to believe that the factory is located right here in UAE… is mind blowing! His snacks are going global and in no time will be a loved brand by all! How exciting!

So on my tour, I went through all the different stages of making those perfect bite sized snacks you pop in your mouth. My goodness is the factory massive! 250 staff are employed to help to create the wonderful snacks! The first area is for receiving. This is a sealed off zone that is fitted with an airtight door. Trucks pull in, drop off the raw ingredients and no contamination can be spread to the remainder of the factory. All the ingredients (coconut oil being one of the biggest used) are tested in the chemistry lab by scientists. They go through rigorous testing and quality control with the latest equipment prior to being released for the “baking” process. Sometimes it can take up to 2 weeks just to test one ingredient!

The next room is for sifting. They have a huge machine that checks the flour & sugar (plus other ingredients) and once it is examined it gets directly transferred by pipes to the baking area. Which means no human contact/contamination.


Now it’s time to make the dough! I was SO tempted to take a handful of chocolate chip cookie dough off the conveyor belt and eat it raw! Kind of like Augustus Gloop, when he is drinking from the chocolate river 🙂 The dough get’s passed through another machine to ensure 100% PURE quality. Nizar is as strict with his quality control as Wonka was with his chocolate river, remember?


The biscuit line uses machines from UK & the wafer line uses Austrian machines. The dough is then shaped into forms and baked at a high temperature and again checked for quality assurance.


Here are the different types of biscuits, wafers, dates & nuts made by Signature Snacks:


  • Mini Shortbreads (delicate & crunchy biscuits)
  • Mini Sugar Hearts (heart shaped biscuits)
  • Pointers (delicious biscuits covered in chocolate)
  • Essentials (traditional butter biscuits in 3 flavors)
  • Snaps (crispy mini baked crackers in 3 flavors)
  • Chipperz (chocolate chip cookies in 2 flavors)
  • Spinnerz (cream sandwiched between two biscuits in 5 flavors)
  • Digestive (healthy whole wheat biscuits in 3 varieties)
  • Oatsies (honey oat biscuits)


  • Squarz (cream filled wafer cubes in 6 flavors)
  • Twinz (crisp, crunchy wafers in 6 flavors)
  • Cloud 9 (cream filled wafers in 5 flavors)

Dates & Nuts:

  • Zayna (chocolate covered dates)
  • Skoops Cubes (healthy & natural snacks)
  • Skoops Natural (premium nut & fruit mixes)
  • Skoops Chocolate Coated (premium nuts & fruits coated in chocolate)
  • Skoops Salted (premium nut & fruit mixes with a salt seasoning)

The wafers get coated, layer by layer with their chosen flavor (five) and then cut and covered in chocolate one last time!

This was my favorite step to watch:


The chocolate covered nuts & fruits get coated in fine layers (7 in total). I have never seen such an establishment in my life before. EVERYTHING is inspected with state of the art machines + several sets of human eyes. The floors are so squeaky clean you could eat off of them! The employees not only have their hands swabbed and tested before starting work but also their gloves AND clothing! Talk about OCD. I want to bet my life on this…that no other factory in the whole wide world is as clean and organized as Signature Snacks! It’s SPOTLESS!


Here is a close look at the chemistry lab! The FINAL step to ensuring 100 % and #1 quality!


I learnt that Signature Snacks has a special packaging system that guarantees total freshness, some products can even last for 2 years because their packaging is so good!

The final product in all it’s glory!



Bite sized “Squarz” straight off the packaging line:


I hope you enjoyed seeing a behind the scenes tour of how biscuits + wafers are made and learnt something new from this!

Signature Snacks are currently running a competition across their UAE Carrefour branches. Spend 10 AED on their products & enter to win a Jeep Wrangler!



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