Venue Review: Bareburger @Festival City

Bareburger is THE spot if you are in search of A) healthy & fresh eats B) organic options + the best burger(s) around! They have a great selection of vegan choices too!

Just before the Christmas holidays I took Ruby & Nate to check out New York’s famous organic burger joint (located inside Festival City Mall). It is incredibly popular in the states! They have over 41 locations in 5 countries (including Canada & Japan) + another two heading our way!


The menu looks like this in a nutshell:


Just kidding! But it is pretty close to that. All natural, fair trade, no GMO’s etc. Everything we should be feeding out bodies to be healthy & happy!

“Bareburger takes a simple, joyful and organic approach to food. They believe that fresh, vibrant, clean food served in a fun place can make the world smile. Ingredients should be sourced as close to home as possible.

They take pride in preparing and cooking our food as they do sourcing it.

Whether you are impeccably health-conscious, or strictly appreciative of great grub, they have something for all to happily devour.

We don’t serve the biggest burger. We don’t serve the smallest burger. We serve the most responsible burger. We may not have a dollar menu, but we do have the quality, flavor and love that ever organic, yummy burger deserves.”


Isn’t the restaurant pretty trendy too? It’s really nice to learn that a lot of the interior + decor / hardware are re-purposed.

I could eat here EVERY single day if my budget would allow for it! The food is HEAVENLY! AND so FRESH! Yes, it is a bit pricey, but I have always been a believer in the motto ‘you get what you pay for‘.

From the moment we sat down, the kids were busy coloring their gigantic menu sheets. I barely had to bat an eye at them… until they started arguing over the crayons… which was quickly resolved…because our waitress brought out more! Yes, that means the service was also superb.


As most parents do…to you know…keep the kids QUIET, you order their meal from the kids section before you even read the menu for yourself!

Their food came out very quickly and they were busy, busy eating like I had not fed them all week.

Nate had ‘Panda’ = chicken fingers and a side of fries:


Ruby ‘Polar’= colby cheese sandwich on a brioche bun:


Ruby had milk with her meal and Nate orange juice. Sadly it was the only juice option on the menu for him. SO…with that said, that is my ONE & ONLY complaint of our entire visit/experience.

Before totally scanning the menu I ordered a salad! I am on this massive kale kick, it’s been about two months now that I have been eating it almost every single day. So when I saw the ‘Cali Fresh’ kale salad, I knew I had to have it! And…It was perfection.


(kale, quinoa, alfalfa, grape tomatoes, radish, onions, hummus and lemon vinaigrette)

Here is the beverage menu:


Bareburger serves ‘Antipodes water’ which is sourced from 327 meters below the ground in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It is only available in restaurants, bars, gourmet food stores and fine wine outlets in seven countries. It is one of the best types of water found in the world + first premium bottled water company to be certified carbon neutral.

I also tried the “Passion Fruit Mojito” (non-alcoholic of course)


The ‘selecting what burger part to eat’ was the most TRICKY. Simply because you can order a burger in over 100 ways. Different types of bread/patties/combinations. The possibilities are endless! This took me a while to figure out!

 I WAS going to order a camel burger because it is not a very common meat to usually find/order. But at the last moment I changed my mind (as I do every two seconds) and went with ‘The Standard’: Hereford prime beef, colby, caramelized onions, special sauce served on a brioche bun. The price of this premium burger = 48 AED.

I am going to rate this the NUMBER 1 burger I have had in my life. Yep, for real!

“ALL Bareburger meats are free-range, pasture raised, humanely raised, antibiotic+gluten+hormone free”


The kids ate so fast, they beat me! I was just starting my burger when I felt a set of eyes on me…I looked up and saw them staring at me like “what do we do next?”


The waitress took them over to the “bar” and switched on some cartoons and gave them something else to color with. They were as happy as could be. The best bit was when dessert was prepared right in front of their eyes.


I sure was happy when they couldn’t finish it and I had the leftovers. WOW! The best ice cream concoction ever! ‘Bakla-WOW’= vanilla ice cream, baklava, caramel sauce, whipped cream & pistachio.

Thank you for a truly memorable visit Bareburger and I wish you all the success you deserve xox


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