Rock, Paper, Scissors: Shopping in Satwa & Making Choker Necklaces

A walk through Satwa can sure cheer me up! The fabric shops are endless and the embellishment stores…well they are like a trip to the candy store for a child!

I have rounded up my favourite fabric shops

 Tahir (for linen + knit + jersey + cute prints)

 Najran (for adorable children inspired prints)

  Regal (for silk)

My favourite embellishment shops



And believe me there are WAY more (these are just my top picks)

Oh one quick tip!

Park next to the mosque. Then you are central to all the good shops! (Mosque on one side & Emirates Post on the other-near Emirates NBD)

 So once I have had a gander through the fun fabrics and let my mind race with all sorts of new craft ideas + sewing projects (sadly my fabric pile at home shows me that I need to get cracking on all the brilliant project ideas I have had over the years-oops!)

Today I was on a mission though! What I did set my mind to making today? A few chokers! They are SO easy and inexpensive to make. Why bother spending 30 + AED when you can make your very own. It’s much more special don’t ya think?

(I purchased everything I needed to make them at Nippur)

You will need roughly 1 meter of velvet ribbon or lace to make 2 chokers. If you only want to make one just request for half a meter!

Pick up some clasps & clamps (I wish I brought my sample necklace so I could have purchased the correct hardware) Get one meter of a fine chain & make sure the clamps are the same width of your ribbon.

You can find a nice array of beads, crystals and other bits and bobs to hang on your choker just like I did (check out the finished chokers below for inspiration)

  1. Cut your ribbon the length of one ruler as pictured above
  2. String on beads, pendants or glue on crystals
  3. Take your clamps and press them firmly shut with pliers (one on each end)
  4. Attach 7cm of chain to the left side
  5. Attach a clasp to the right side

Easy peasy right?

Which one is your favorite?

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