Rock, Paper, Scissors: “Valentine’s Day Hair Barrette & Ring”

I heart candy clips! So when I saw these ‘Love Heart’ candies at Park n’ Shop the other week I knew I had to buy them and make them into a sweet craft!

What you need:

  • Metal hair barrette’s (whatever style you like) or metal rings
  • Thin piece of felt to cover clip
  • Strong adhesive such as jewelry glue (found in Satwa) or Gorilla Glue (found in Carrefour or Ace)
  • Clear nail varnish or nail hardener


  1. Pick out all your fav Love Heart quotes to use
  2. Cut a thin strip of felt to cover your metal clip. Glue felt to clip using glue of choice (mentioned above)
  3. If you are making a ring then skip the felt and just glue down the candy!
  4. Glue candy to hair clip
  5. Paint the candies with nail varnish (minimum of 3 coats)
  6. If you find the words on your Love Hearts have somewhat faded you can always go over the ridges (gently) with a wax crayon or pencil crayon

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