Product Review: “Pineapple Heads @Lully & Tuesday”

*This is not a paid advert! Just an honest review from this Mommy of two*

I am crazy about these “Pineapple Heads” bath products!


You could say, that years ago (roughly 5 years ago to be exact)…I was so obsessive with what I bathed Ruby in that I reached a crazy point in my motherhood journey and turned to baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Yep, that is what I would wash her hair with… I know, I know.


Over the years I overcame my paranoia and switched to “normal” bathing products. I do however read those ingredient labels like a HAWK! It drives the kids crazy when I bring them along to the store with me “come on Mom, aren’t you done yet?” “NO! I am NOT!”

Just the other week I was sent the range of Pineapple Heads products (from Lully & Tuesday) to review. I was REALLY happy to discover them & REALLY happy to learn that they are SAFE + pure for my children.


Here at Pineapple Heads we make only the purest, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious hair and bath products known to man (and children). All our Pineapple Heads family are natural with no dumb stuff like: silicones, PEGS, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours, harsh surfactants, animals – cute or otherwise.

No my kids don’t smell like a “hippie” after I wash them, because these superstars (Pineapple Heads) smell SO darn good! They use only natural ingredients and EcoCert approved scents (my fav is the conditioner-I swear I could eat it).

Never mind the important fact that they are natural and safe, they really work wonders! I have never seen Ruby’s hair so silky and healthy looking. I am convinced it’s the peaches conditioner. Mornings used to be a nightmare if she woke up with tangly hair I had to brush (which was often). The screaming and attitude I would get from my 6 year old was insane. Except, her hair has become SO soft since using Pineapple Heads that all that nonsense has since stopped. On occasion I MAY spritz some of the “Pippy Detangler” and wow how it actually detangles + smells incredibly beautiful (like a fresh bowl of raspberries).


Wait, I am not done! Because my little guy Nate has suffered from perma goofy looking hair (he has a terrible cowlick) and I refuse to put chemical ridden styling products in his hair…until just the other day! The “Rocco Hair Wax” is such a treat to use! Cool spikey hair + delicious citrus/orange smelling head!


You need to try this stuff!

Thanks for stocking Pineapple Heads in UAE Lully & Tuesday! You are going to make a lot of Mama’s happy out here! xox


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